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Urgent: Boston Swordstore?

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  • Urgent: Boston Swordstore?

    I'm interested in buying the Practical Katana, by Paul Chen. I've visited a store here in Stockholm, where I live. They charge 2750 SEK , roughly 370 dollars, after checking out a few american internet stores I realized that it costs less than half of that there.

    Right now a friend of mine is in boston, so I got the idea that he could buy the sword for me, and that way I won't have to pay 40$ for shipping. But the problem is that I don't know any stores in Boston that sells japanese swords. I've tried searching for one using google, but that I was unable to find one.
    I know this is a longshot, but I was hoping perhaps you americans know one?, Or could just look up one in then telefone catalogue? I would really apreciate that.

    Thanks for reading!

    /Swedish guy

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    If you dont find a store , maybe he can order it online to boston , the shipping would be less then 40 bucks , so you would still save money .


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      Thats a possibility, but its also a risk, cause he's leaving very soon, and if the shipping would be delayed we'd loose it.


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        There's a sword store in Boston. It's got everything. Unfortunately, they went out of business yesterday... and worse yet, they had a 90% off clearance sale on all katana.


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          Oh my god.. You have to be joking! Why did'nt you tell me!? Damn!


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            Yes, I was joking.

            I am the Resident Schmevil.