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How does on put on a hakama...I'm lost

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  • How does on put on a hakama...I'm lost

    Please? Can someone explain?

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    You learn that in class.


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      Well, I've been shown once, but I can't remember how to tie it in the front...


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        Suddenly I feel that everyone else in the world knows how to tie the hakama in the front, but won't tell me...


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          Its not something thats easily taught on the internet. If you've only been shown once your best bet is just asking again at the dojo, if you don't want to ask the sensei ask one of the other students that has it tied.

          If you have the front himo of the hakama already tied then take the 2 from the back, bring them around, top over left then push it down and then bring it back up UNDER ALL THE HIMO ( i stress ALL as to include the himo that formed the X looking cross from the front part of the hakama) and then tie a 2nd knot left over the right down and pull tight.

          Like i said this is not somethign thats easy to explain on the internet and you really shouldn't be ashamed of having to be shown again. We have a student who's been here for a month and he still comes in with all kinds of crazy knots and himo all over the place lol.


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            Thank you VERY much!


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              There's also a section in this website somewhere that shows you how to put on the hakama....


              A good website with lots of info:


              A good PDF


              And the list goes on, and on, and on....


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                After tying the front himo in behind you, you pick up the rear of the hakama and tuck the toshiita in between your back and the tied himo from the front. Then, you take the himo from the rear, left himo in the left hand, right himo in the right hand. look in the mirror which then show the reverse image of your right on your left and your left on your right. At this point, take your left himo in your left hand which is on your right in the mirror and cross it over your waist. Then, take your right himo in your right hand which is on your left in the mirror and cross it over the left himo, or the right himo in the mirror, and hold it with your left hand, i.e. your right hand in the mirror. Then, take the left himo, which is now on your right side, with your right hand, unless you are looking in the mirror at which point, it is your left hand holding the himo on your left with your right hand, and hold it. Then, take the right himo in your left hand, or by the mirror view, the left himo in your right hand on the mirror image's right side, i.e. your left side, and tuck it under all himo and back up and then cross the left himo which is on your right and tie a knot so that the left himo is on the left and the right himo is on the right. Tuck the left himo into the left side and the right himo into the right side. Now, do this with your eyes closed and concentrate on the mirror image and imagine doing it that way keeping in mind that the left is on the right and the right is on the left in your imagination while the right is actually the right and the left is actually the left.

                If you have trouble imagining this, tie your hakama while up-side down in gravity boots. This will allow you to see yourself in the mirror so that the left side stays the left if you were right side up. Then you don't have to think that the left is your right unless you are viewing yourself in the mirror and your left which is your right in the mirror is still your left if you aren't thinking of being right-side up.

                When you need to learn how to tie your do himo, call me. The rear cross-over is mind boggling when trying to imagine that your back is the front while looking in the mirror which is the opposite, i.e. the left looks like the right but is your left.
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                  Hope you don't have Children Hai_Hai they would never work out how to put on there pants in the morning .


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                    imagine shoe laces