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2 Bogu 4 sale - Detroit, MI area

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  • 2 Bogu 4 sale - Detroit, MI area


    I was taking some private Kendo lessons from a gentleman down here in Windsor, Ontario (outside Detroit Michigan) a year ago so I ended up buying 2 full sets of Bogu. These cost me about $1000 US total for both sets.

    Since this gentleman has sadly moved away, I'm looking at selling these 2 sets (with 3-42" shinai). Each set includes zippered carrying case.

    I'll take $300 US ($400 Canadian) per set (includes one shinai as well), and I will drive to show you the quality (within reason of course) or can ship them to you (split shipping costs).

    Or I'll take $550 US ($750 Candian) for both sets with all 3 shinai included.

    The shinai have been well oiled and taken care of.

    Also have large size Hakama and Keikogi ($50 US or $75 Canadian) - excellent shape. Dark blue, very heavy Keikogi material.

    Post here if interested, or email me.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Sell it in eBay.


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      Why not try to find another dojo to take kendo at? Or do you want to continue?


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        Interest is lost and nothing too close to me. Other things more pressing now.

        thanks anyways..

        Maybe I'll sell it on ebay.

        Just going to be difficult to compete with the crap out there. Some people may not know the difference.

        thanks again..


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          Actually, there's Detroit Kendo Dojo, the practices was held at Birmingham every Saturday afternoon, and Northville every Wednesday Night. It is lead by Tagawa sensei, so let me know if you are interested, and I can give you the e-mail for the contact person, even time and address for the practice.


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            I live in Kalamazoo Michigan and practice at the Battle Creek Kendo Kai. Your proximity has peeked my interest. I am currently searching the market for my first Bogu set.

            Could you please email me the specs at

            Much obliged,



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              Your saying you want to sell 2 sets of bogu? I was just wondering if it will fit a 5'8" and 135lbs. I'm looking forward on buying a Bogu and my cousin too needs a Bogu. She is around 5'6" 100lbs. Contact me by e-mailing me at or just reply this post please.


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                Bogu still for sale after almost two years? I do not think so


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                  hehe, talk about blast from the past.. who revived such an old thread? lol


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                    I have a set that would fit your cousin. It's too small for me (5'9, 200). It's a 5mm set. Let me know at jrswanson1 @