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Eguchi or Eurobogu?

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    I was just reading some of the threads when I came across this one. I'm thinking of which bogu set to get on my tiny student budget (with a side of bugging my parents for it) too, and I'm quite glad to have run across this one. Do most companies have sales around January? Second quarter (during which I'm planning to get the bogu) starts on the fourth, so perhaps I can get it then... how much of a sale are we talking about (more or less)? Is it like a big discount, or a penny and dime sort of thing that's not really worth waiting for? Also, do most companies have these sales? I'm thinking of E-kendo right now (I hear the quality is good, and their prices are the lowest i've seen), though the only set Ive actually tried on was from e-bogu.
    thanks a bunch!


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      kendoshop hase a HUGE 30% discount, but not in january - in august. so, you may wait till next august and buy really cheap


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        is kendoshop and e-kendo the same thing????


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          sorry, forget my other post...

          do you know when e-kendo will have its sale & how much it would be (not sure if i can wait till summer)?


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            From what I have read - kendoshop and e-kendo are not related, but are very similar. I think e-bogu and e-kendo use the same bogu (e-kendo is the manafacturer). Hard to say for sure as several peoples opinions on this conflict.


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              If so many people quit Kendo after buying their first set of bogu... does this imply that there is some sort of second hand bogu market somewhere? Is this a vast untapped source of good quality, nearly new bogu? (Shinai... keikogi... hakama... etc...)

              Where can I lay my hands on some?!!!

              penny-pinching crabbi...!


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                eBay is the new graveyard for rich-boy show-off bogu.


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                  Originally posted by Hai_hai
                  eBay is the new graveyard for rich-boy show-off bogu.
                  The number of auctions for bogu (RBSO or otherwise) is tiny... one or two at any given time... other than that guy who sells cack bogu and stars and stripes hakama!!

                  If the proportion of Kendoka leaving after buying bogu is so high, then they must be hanging on to it to decorate their front room, donating it to their clubs or throwing it away....

                  Unless anyone out there has found the fabled bogu graveyard....?