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  • I search for bogu


    I from Russia and my name is Nataliya.

    Club kendo was right before formed In my city.

    And we sharply come short bogu.Since borough our small, people it is enough not rich and train come to students and schoolchildren!

    Presently we everywhere search for the equipping and ready to receive a visit at quality of the gift or for small price ANY one of the bogu, in ANY condition.

    As well as search for pen pals who concern with kendo and want be divided by their own impressions, write on e-mail

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    what city in russia are you from?


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      Здравствулте! Nataly!
      Пока я не могу предложить вас и используемое bogu (я себя как раз недавн начинал Kendo), я был бы заинтересован в быть пер pal. Я в настоящее время использую это website ( для того чтобы перевести это сообщение. Вы можете и-мэйло я на
      Хорошее везение в вашем поиске,


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        write me please on e-mail


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          Originally posted by Nataly
          write me please on e-mail
          Dear Nataly,

          I've sent you an e-mail. Please let me know if you don't receive it.



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            Many thanks all who write me!

            And else:

            I with pleasure prima photo Your dodze or place where you drill!!!


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              I guess it is lost

              Hi Nataly,

              I'm writing you back here because my e-mail to your account bounced.

              I checked with the United States Post Office.

              They told me that unless I sent the package by express mail, they don't offer tracking services.

              So, since I mailed the men to you on June 15th by Sea-Mail, it is probably lost as it should have arrived by now.

              Oh well, I hope whoever found it appreciate it for what it is rather than just throwing it in the dumpster.


              P.S. Next time I donate bogu, I'm doing it by more mailing stuff.