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  • Bogu for storage

    I have recently begun practicing Kendo at my local Dojo. The one thing that had kept me from attending was money and time. Well the time part worked itself out and the money situation is all right but here's my dilemma.

    I have 3 boys to support with 1 income, paying Dojo fees and an occasional shinai is not an issue. However I have a yearly bonus that will help me purchase my Bogu and Keikogi/Hakama. I am aware that I need to complete certain steps to earn the right to wear my Hakama and then to use Bogu as well. I feel that if I don't buy these now when I have the money to spare I won't be able to afford the Bogu later in the year when I earn the privilege wear it. I just want to store it until I am ready.

    Is this appropriate thing to do? How do I approach my Sensei?

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    Just do it

    I don't think your sensei can tell you what to spend your money on. So buy it, you'll have your bogu for years to come anyway. If you have the money to spend you earned it to begin with.




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      Sensei is not monster, so go ahead and ask your Sensei about your situation. He even can help you out with advicing you how to chose the best bogu for you. Just make sure to tell your Sensei that you won't quit after all.


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        I don't understand the reasoning. You have money which you've earmarked for bogu. Put it aside, let it gather some interest and then buy bogu when the time comes. If you really need the money for family stuff, you'll have it. If at all possible, you should practice in club bogu for a while before buying your own. Many people quit after earning bogu. If you decide to quit before buying bogu, you won't lose money.


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          Thanks Neil, you have make a good point.


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            Neil has a very good point. Family always comes first. Also, if you buy a set of bogu now. I can guarantee you will regret it. Do some research first, with 3 boys to take care of and a job. How much time do you really have to yourself? Take the time to learn what your preference are you wont regret it. good luck,


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              Thank You.