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Kendo and aikido gi?

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  • Kendo and aikido gi?

    I am starting to practice kendo as i already do aikido, i have my aikido gi and black hakama, do you think i'd be able to wear my aikido gi for kendo?


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    Originally posted by Commander
    I am starting to practice kendo as i already do aikido, i have my aikido gi and black hakama, do you think i'd be able to wear my aikido gi for kendo?
    I don't think it would be a problem. I've seen people do it, but they mostly "go blue" when they get the bogu. If you just started, it's good for your feet to be visible to teachers (no hakama) so they can help you begin to get the footwork right. Also, you'll probably want to eventually invest in a kendo-gi, as it's thicker - offering "some additional protection," tailored to accomodate the kote, and if you go for indigo blue you'll stick out less. The black hakama would probably be ok for the long-haul, although, again, a kendo hakama tends to be thicker.

    In any case, you'll want to see what the people at your dojo are wearing and if there seems to be any kind of general dress-code. If in doubt, just ask a sempai.


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      I have a friend that is an Aikido Sempai, and when she comes to visit our dojo the only difference I can see in her hakama and mine is that hers is made from a different fabric. To be honest, I think they may be interchangable, but don't quote me.

      You might email the folks over at e-guchi, or

      I hesitate to mention this as you likely already know it since you've had some martial arts experience, but I'd make sure to acknowledge right up front how little I knew about Kendo. Nothing about the uniform. Nothing about the bamboo stick-things. Nothin' about nothin'.

      Show up with the uniform and ask your Sensei if it is acceptable. I'd bet a whole buck that he'll be glad that he doesn't have to try to explain what a hakama is, and I'd bet a buck-o-five that he'll be impressed by the fact that you asked first.

      Instead of looking like an experienced player with a lot to learn, take this as an advantage to look like the newbie that learns quickly.

      Again, it's entirely possible that you've got loads of experience and could write a book on what I just said, so please excuse my presumption if this is the case. Good luck!

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        what you may find is that as you start to wear bogu, the blue cords will mark the white jacket as it is a vegetable dye that seems to get 'set' by sweat....hakama are definitely identical, however I have seen them tied slightly differently for aikido so they dont fall down while you are doing knee work, so yours MAY be slightly long when tied kendo fashion... if they are just tie them as you usually do until you can get a shorter length.


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          My hakama is the black tetron one from e-bogu so its a pretty sturdy material.

          I would probably get white himo strings then to compensate for the dye rubbing against the keikogi.



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            I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I'd ask you not to wear your hakama for a couple of months. They hide the footwork, makes it tough for your instructor to spot mistakes and correct them.


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              I seem to remember reading somewhere that an aikido hakama doesn't have the little plastic thing that you hook on the back side of the hakama. Something about not wanting to fall on it during practice.

              I could be completely wrong though.


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                I could be completely wrong though.
                Nope, you're right. Also aikido hakama have a different himo length as everything ties up at the front.


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                  Also, if you are using the white aikido keikogi, you may find that to keep it white all the time for each practice (assuming you have bogu) bleach may have to be used.

                  I know this because I too am using my aikido dogi and hakama.

                  Ps, my dogi is actually a judogi and is as heavy and thick as most kendogi.


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                    Cool no probs, the hakama i am using is the black tetron one from

                    I think i may just get another keikogi in blue this time