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    I'm new to the forum. I inherited a keikogi from my ojisan that I'm using for kendo right now. From what I can tell (with what little experience I have) it's a pretty good quality one.

    But how should I go about cleaning it? I heard from him that I shouldn't wash it too much. It's definitely been used, its kind of that lighter blue color. So, I'm a bit hesitant about washing it.

    But It really stinks. And I sweat a lot. I don't think that helps much either. Someone suggested wearing one of those special keikogi undershirts underneath to absorb some of it?

    Any suggestions? Thanks


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    I have been using sea salt and fabric softner when I got mine new. All this should be done in the bathtub and some labor is involved. Wear rubber dishwashing gloves because the blue dye will bleed. Let it soak overnight and put it in the spin cycle on your washing machine to get all the water out. Finally, hang dry and avoid sun light.


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      You can machine-wash it, cold water, hang dry. Its equipment, not an heirloom - eventually it will wear out and have to be replaced. Unless you want it to be an heirloom, in which case wash it once and frame it .


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        I didn't mean to suggest that I'm worried about wear-and-tear. Rather, I wanted to take his advice, namely, that it doesn't need to be washed that often.

        With what frequency should the keikogi be washed?


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          Originally posted by jimbofish
          With what frequency should the keikogi be washed?
          Let your nose guide your heart...or even better, let your dojomate's nose guide your heart!

          Seriously though, what you do right after class helps a lot too...if you can hang it up to dry right away vs. stash in bogu bag and go to beer or work or whatever....


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            I use Frebreeze (sp?) and wash about every 4 classes or so. I hang to air out between classes. I also have a stand that was given to me for by bogu to air out between classes also.

            It smells OK to me, but then again, I only wash my hockey equipment at the end of the season, would not want to lose all that experience!!!


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              Please wash it as often as possible, cold water, stretch by hand and hang dry. I have been on the unfortunate end of many students that can kill by the stench of non- great personal hygene. Please also remember to trim nails and brush teeth and gargle- there is nothing quite like getting a face full of rancid breath during taitari.


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                isnt that to your advantage?