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Bogu Advices For a Beginner

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  • Bogu Advices For a Beginner

    My sensei told me recently that I can -and should- buy a bogu, and so I've started searching for one. Being a bit low-budget, I have narrowed down to 3 choices, which is written below:

    1 - (4 mm)
    2 - (5 mm)
    3 - (5 mm)

    Sensei has also advised me to buy at least 4 mm if possible, but -as i said- I have a very low budget which is around 350 dollars and I don't want to buy a low-quality one just for 1 mm (this argument was approved by him). How trustworthy is Their measurement options are a bit worrying than the kendo-bogu and tozando ones. Also, is the synthetic leather and clarino the same; since kendo-bogu doesn't mention any Clarino or likewise known materials.

    I am open to all kinds of improvements and advices, thank you all in advance!

    Note: Price of all the bogus above are the same for me with shipping, so this is just a quality comparison.

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    You can't go wrong with Tozando stuff really. So if it fits your budget and fits you, then go for it.

    Buying a first set of bogu, it's a great thing. All seems possible, and I hope you enjoy your Kendo life.


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      #2 and #3 are the same company under different trading names. Scroll down to the bottom of #2 and you'll see a fancy Tozando group logo!

      That being said, it all looks good for a beginner!


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        I have chosen Tozando. Thank you all for the help and good wishes


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          Did you go over those options with your sensei? senpai?