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    I recently bought my first bogu.
    And because it was a good deal, I got a set that had a dark red do.
    Only after buying this did I bother to read about how some people feel sticking out with bogu is a bad idea.
    I am not the type to "stand out" so this choice my not fit my personality.
    Any advise on if I have made a big error or a little error or no error at all?
    I doubt my local group is going to object, but is this a problem for testing at the regional level?
    This is my first post, thanks for the advise!

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    I wouldn't worry about it. If it's not same (ray/shark skin), pony hide, faux zebra hide, faux tiger hide, large graphic like a hello kitty logo or obviously expensive like custom worked leather mune with a large kamon standing out, it's ok.

    As I understand it, historically the all black look was for senior sensei while juniors were more colorful (within reason and dark red is within reason). Then in time people copied the sensei look. I suspect in the West this is another one of those cultural prohibitions that has taken on a life of its own.


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      Don't worry about it. Ask your sensei if it's appropriate for testing. If not, just borrow someone else's for the test (that's what one our recently-promoted sensei did for his shinsa). Fortunately, wearing someone else's do isn't as much a concern as wearing someone else's men or kote from a hygiene or fit perspective.
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        As others have said, I think it's all good. At least you're concientitous enough to inquire.


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          I've worn a black mengane, a mist blue do, and synthetic hakama/gi at a shinsa before and passed. I think big things is do Kendo, everything else is fine. Of course be prepared to get looks and discussion, but that makes you better all around. I also have a red do, I am looking for a black one though. Again, do Kendo.