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Found this Rune Sword Shinai for $300

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  • Found this Rune Sword Shinai for $300

    Just wanted to show you guys that not all Shinai are created equal. CASE IN POINT:

    My name's Panda Knight.

    This is a one of a kind NKL Rune Sword.
    It took me 6 years of lessons to earn this sword.
    Now you can own one as well.

    Here's how!
    Buy a custom rune sword from me today and help support your local league.
    Each one is crafted to your specifications, with whatever color wrap you like. Just let me know! 🐼
    Also. Each sword sold is going entirely into the league's fund to help us get jerseys and other much needed equipment to take our team to the nationals.

    Thanks everyone.
    Oh. If you are also interested in lessons and learning swordsman ship I'm your gall."

    Ha, take that you heathen non believers!

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    Would you be interested in some land in sunny Florida?


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      I think this is related to Kendo Ball (see thread on that) - based on geographical proximity and the fact that there's a match for Panda Knight on the kendo ball website.