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All japan budogu vs Kendostar

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  • All japan budogu vs Kendostar

    Hello, I'm looking for a new bogu set, I think I can say that i'm an intermediate practicioner and finally deserve a more elegant and better bogu than the old one ( not to hard to achive jaja)
    I was looking between the Koshiki from All japan and the Vanguard from kendo star ( probably the Prime)
    But I can't decide, both are from similar price and purpuse, I heard good things about the koshiki , there are a lot of reviews of this one and his predecessor the guardian, the vanguard on the other hand is prety new and i can't find much, and i don't know if all that extra padding its just too much.
    Please if someone can advise me I will be very grateful.( Sorry for my English)

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    might want to have a look at too, I recently got their white label set and it's 5/5!


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      At that price point I might look into the Tozando 4mm Bioclean as well. One of my students has the 5 mm set and we are quite happy with it.