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Upgrading my men, need your opinion

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  • Upgrading my men, need your opinion

    Good Morning,

    I am in the market to get my second men.
    No I didn't ruin my men or overuse it, it just does not protect enough (2mm back from when tougher was better....literally almost no bumps between stitching so if you take away the stitching it is smooth as my pants).
    I even have that extra padding insert which I noticed like literally after the first week that every hit was too much, but now it is more of the harder hitters that causes it, most of those are from the taller muscular guys. But still every practice feel & smell blood though my nose. which isn't good.

    I have narrowed it down to 3 choices all bu hand stitching, but am stuck on the on which size

    What are your recommendations on 1.5bu vs 2.0bu vs 2.5/3.0bu?

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    You should go see a doctor about that blood smell. It sounds like your dojomates are hitting too hard. Talk to your sensei as well.


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      I have an old 2mm set, I don't even think its suitable for a hitting dummy (kidding), but seriously 2mm is probably the most uncomfortable set I've seen/worn. I would talk to your dojo mates and see what they have, and see if you like it. We have a lot of japanese in our dojo, so I see sets from Mori, Tozando, Shobudo, etc., and you can get an understanding of what you're buying by looking at them and talking with the owners. I just picked up the Vangaurd set for my kids, don't have it yet but it looks more than adequate for protection. I would say anything under 4-5 mm machine stitch to stay away from and 2 bu+ hand stitching is fine. Thats just my preference and really doesn't mean much though. Mine is 1.5 and I wish I had gone with 2 or even 2.5. One of our sensei has a Mori practice men, and hers is so nice, machine stitched, I can't remember which model but its perfect for motodachi use. All that said, I would see a doctor asap on smelling blood, and talk to your sensei as well. That shouldn't happen under any circumstance. Something you can do to a hard hitter is tilt your head back so they aren't hitting you on the top of the men. Sometimes this causes an issue though if you tilt too far back because they'll hit your mengane and it will beat up their shinia, but for people that club me, I don't have a problem doing it at all.


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        Man, if you're SMELLING BLOOD, something is definitely not right.