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Upgrading my men, need your opinion

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  • Upgrading my men, need your opinion

    Good Morning,

    I am in the market to get my second men.
    No I didn't ruin my men or overuse it, it just does not protect enough (2mm back from when tougher was better....literally almost no bumps between stitching so if you take away the stitching it is smooth as my pants).
    I even have that extra padding insert which I noticed like literally after the first week that every hit was too much, but now it is more of the harder hitters that causes it, most of those are from the taller muscular guys. But still every practice feel & smell blood though my nose. which isn't good.

    I have narrowed it down to 3 choices all bu hand stitching, but am stuck on the on which size

    What are your recommendations on 1.5bu vs 2.0bu vs 2.5/3.0bu?