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    Then he's a jerk. Like I've said in other threads, we can't control who starts kendo, so sometimes we have to deal with people we don't particularly like.

    This is a mitorigeiko situation really. Our senseis always tell us (particularly beginners) to watch our sempais for both what to do correctly, and what not to do correctly.

    Since this is obviously an example of what not to do correctly, its something you will have to remember. When you are a little more experienced, you'll probably find yourself in a similar situation, and you will remember this one, and what not to do.

    Unfortunately, if your sensei is Japanese, he may be very much aware of what is happening, but isn't actually interfering. Its a little bit of a culture shock, particularly if you're from a Western background where things are a little more "zero tolerance", but he could be adopting a hands off attitude precisely because this is a learning experience for both parties involved. An important one, if not particularly pleasant one.


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      Originally posted by Sasaki View Post
      ...seemed to misunderstand the situation.... Sempai made angry gestures again.
      I don't think the situation is misunderstood, you have explained it clearly.

      What I don't understand is why you let it bother you? This person obviously has some frustrations and not the etiquette to mask them. That's his problem; plus you may not have enough knowledge to judge his situation.

      Just make the decision to not let it cloud your enjoyment of practice.
      Use it as a positive reminder of how much dignity you conduct yourself with compared to him.

      Choose a teacher who you consider a good role model, and spend your practices thinking about what you can learn from him/her instead.


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        If someone is an arrogant Arschloch, ultimately it's their problem, not yours. Sure, for the small amount of time you're in their orbit you have to deal with it and it's unpleasant. But at least when you move on, the problem is gone. Someone like this has to deal with being an Arschloch 24/7.



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          Lots of good advice already given by the many respondants to this posting - -so I won't repeat.......

          Calm yourself - and remember that you are face-to-face with this person very little - in the great scheme of things.

          Originally posted by Sasaki View Post
          We were rotating ...After that, the sensei took us out of the rotation.
          Rotate in and out - but if you remain unruffled you will score points with this person.
          More to the point, you will be considering your kendo - rather than his apparent dislike of the situation and/or 'bad attitude'.

          Importantly; you say you are not yet in armour. If you let this person bug you now you may well suffer when you reach armour-training with him.

          Rise above it!



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            If you let this person bug you now you may well suffer when you reach armour-training with him.
            Just make the decision to not let it cloud your enjoyment of practice.
            These are all good arguments.
            And you're all right guys. I should focus on my kendo and give a damn about him. When I'm a bit more experienced and find myself I the same situation, I'll make sure I don't make the same mistake he did.
            I probably need more determination... and strength. But when I get to be in bogu, i'll kick his ass, that's for sure!


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              Originally posted by Sasaki View Post
              But when I get to be in bogu, i'll kick his ass, that's for sure!
              Let us hope the guy has not read this comment.

              You could be made to suffer GREATLY........but I like your spirit!



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                Originally posted by Sasaki View Post
                His whole aura in jigeiko is messed up too... He's like a mad demon trying to kill his opponent...
                It's difficult to comment only from your description you may well be right but also some people behave differently during jigeiko. Like most people I've faced people who are reserved, people whoo look like they want to kill you and people inbetween.

                As you are not in bogu what he does during jigeiko doesn't really affect you. You should use that time to see how his behaviour offers oppenings for when you do face him. Additionally unless you are on the other end of his shinai at this time you cannot completely know what his intent is. When you are fencing someone you can tell when its real aggression or not, which isn't always the case as a spectator. I did a huge amount of loud kiaing recently with a beginner only just in armour and somehow I got the impression that the other beginners and my opponent thought I was being tough on her, but it was just kiai. I just thought it was good practice, your sempai may be thinking something similar.