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Left wrist pain

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  • Left wrist pain

    Anyone else have pain in their left wrist? Sensei says most injuries are in the right wrist but not mine. I don't think it's carpel tunnel, at least i hope not. It started about three months ago and it progressively got worse and now i can't even hold a shinai in my left hand without severe pain.

    I'm quite worried. Any remedies or suggestions.

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    Please see a doctor as soon as possible. If the pain is so drastic then professional help is the best solution.


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      See a doctor. Most likely explanation is tendonitis.


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        also dont practice before seeing a doctor, if it hurts that much to hold a shinai..


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          i had left wrist pain too, but mostly from weights i think. After i stopped lifting weights for a few month, it went away. I also didn't do too much suburis in practice for a while though.


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            I used to have quite severe pain in my left wrist. I think it was a combination of poor grip, poor warm-up and stetching, and overdoing things. I gave it plenty of rest and a sensei showed me a slightly different grip to what I was shown when I first started, and things are much better now.

            Your case sounds really bad; I'd go to the doc's like everyone else has said.


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              try going to class, or take up ping pong.


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                How much suburi are you doing to cause pain in your wrist? One dojo I've practiced at did 100 suburi with no rest in there. It's not difficult muscle wise, but did put stress on my wrist and made it hurt. Other dojos I've practiced at usually do sets of 30 with brief 15/20 second rests between sets. This didn't cause the pain.

                Just a thought, and see a doctor...


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                  Neil-san is likely our winner. Tendonitis is pretty prevalent amongst kendoka. There is hope, however. You will need to ask your Sensei's permission, but a simple wrist brace (available through any bogu supply - that's how common it is) will take some of the strain off the wrist.

                  Another good practice is to ice your wrist immediately after class. You don't have much room in there, and swelling does nothing, but cause more damage.

                  I will repeat the above mentioned advice and suggest that you see a doctor before continuing practice.

                  Good luck!


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                    thanks a bunch. there's genuine love in this forum. that's kendo!

                    and thanks chosen, your right, ping pong is so much better than kendo...just stop smacking my armpit!
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                      One of the basic tenets of Bushido is to repsect and assist anyone that asks. Ta-da! It works!

                      But seriously, I've found this forum to be really helpful on several subjects. Sure, there are those that just want to fling their knowledge at you, but for the most part the posts are genuine.


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                        Don't know much but

                        If tiger bam doesnt work, its time to go to see doctor.


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                          If tiger balm doesn't work, it's time to amputate. . .


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                            If it's tendonitis, your doctor will likely advise rest and a course of anti-inflammatories, most likely just ibuprofen unless you can't take that. The doses your doctor will prescribe are double or triple the recommended doses on the bottle - I was quite surprised.


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                              I haven't tried tiger balm yet, at least not on my wrist, but i did take some advil yesterday for a volleyball tourny and my wrist feels so much better today.

                              time to get the family size bottle.

                              ok, i took 4 yesterday, and if the docs are recommending twice or more of the dosage, should i take 8 everyday or 12? 12 pills of anything sounds dangerous. am i going to o.d. from ibuprofin? and do you know if i should take 4 pills twice a day or 2 pills 4 times a day?