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kenjutsu / iaido ryus ?

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  • kenjutsu / iaido ryus ?

    Does anybody know a website or have any info on what are the various ryu for kenjutsu and also iaido?

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    I do believe that someone listed them out in a past thread not too long ago, for kenjutsu ryu's that is. Try doin a search for kenjutsu in this forum and you should be able find a good list.



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      Sites about Koryu Ryuha


      Do you ever read my posts?? Holy cow, I gave you TWO sites, TWICE!! Geez.

      What Ryu did this sensei of yours tell you he teaches? I am pretty sure he isn't the real deal because of the sword he told you to get. No real sensei would DARE tell you to go buy such a cheap thing. It is RARE for somebody to be qualified to teach two Ryuha.

      What Menkyo does he claim to hold? What rank does he claim, in what Ryuha(s), from whom, how long, his teachers names, where he trained, ALL that. Read my posts please. I told you to check last week, on this guy on e-budo. The Japanese sword community is a very small one. If you give his name, people can check his qualifications and check his story for you.

      People pretty much know who is who in the JSA world. There are only two known legit Iaido sensei in all of Minnesota. Both live in the cities. No legit Kenjutsu sensei exist here.(Note how I say legit. There is one that has been called a fraud. I have this on good authority.)

      Sites to learn about Ryuha:

      Please read, "A Koryu Primer" on that site.

      Koryu are the old classical JSA, 1876 and earlier. Anything after that is "Gendai" which means new. Now, only SOME Gendai are the real thing. There are many others that are fake because people have made up their own "art" and claiming to be Kenjutsu or Iaido "masters." A true Kenjutsu or Iaido sensei will never refer to themselves as a master and claim to have studied with several Kenjutsu and/or Iaido "Masters" for only a short period of time.

      The "Ryu Guide" on the main page is the guide telling the various Ryu out there. It also tells you who is teaching the Ryu and where in some cases.

      The other good site is

      This site has many well known Kenjutsu and Iaido sensei on the board. There are many knowledgeable students there as well. It is a good place to do a search on a teacher or Ryu. You can post and ask any question and almost always get a good and serious reply. You must sign your full real name to each post though or risk getting booted off the forum, as it is a forum rule. In order to use the search function, you must be registered and logged in.