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heinous body odor...bad etiquette?

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  • heinous body odor...bad etiquette?

    Lets face it; we've all faced off against one of these hygienically challenged individuals.

    So where do you draw the line? Dont get me wrong, I know what a high school locker room smells like and quite frankly, I sometimes miss that stench. Ah...the good old days. Anyways.

    Its not so much the actual body odor from sweating in class; it's the awful vinegary sting from unwashed bogu and gi. Even if someone has unusually high b.o. levels, the gi does a pretty good job of keeping all that moisture and heat trapped inside.

    Arent we supposed to keep our gear in tip top shape? Does this not include keeping the stink level to a minimum?

    To make matters worse, it's one particular sempai who intrudes my nostrils with fumes of vinegar fire. Lets face it, newbies never smell bad, they have that new car smell which I enjoy.

    Really, its not just the heinous stank, its a culmination of things. This particular sempai has really touched a nerve with me.

    Its as though he thinks he is above the law, the etiquette of kendo. i.e., walks in the dojo with a half ass bow, then proceeds to the newbie area and flings his flip flops across the dojo floor, right where the newbies practice and store their gear so that they have to pick them up and place them with the others. Everyone elses shoes are nicely paired up next to the door. Always a disrespectful sonkyo to juniors. Never does he do the exact same stretching exercises as the rest of us. Always stretching a different way and different direction. Am I drawing you a clear enough picture?

    Every time I have keiko with him, I try and show perfect etiquette but he never responds back with the same respect.

    What would you do? Advice from senior students and senseis would greatly help in this matter.

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    do your own etiquette and kendo.
    teach the juniors by example.
    ignore anyone who doesn't do the same.
    you will find a$$holes in every corner or the world and im sure kendo has its fair share.
    there is no need to make an emeny or a friend out of this person.
    steer clear as much as you can if you just cant handle him and learn what you can in the time you must spend together.
    he wont be in your life forever.


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      I carry my stench as a badge of honor!


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        About bad breath, I have met quite afew kendoka with it. When we went into tsuba-zeriai I was almost coughing at the end of the keiko lol. I think afew people get worn out too much and start breathing bad breath at you.

        Maybe it puts your opponent off .


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          Subtrax , talk to your Teacher about it if this guy really makes your kendo parctice less enjoyable if not then you should go about it as Infinity suggested.


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            Oh well, watch out when you go for seminars, gasshuku, taikai, etc. that last more than one day. Especially try your best to avoid getting into tsuba-zeriai during asa-keiko, after a mad night of Sayonara party...!!!

            Time to really learn about breath control.. Let's think about it in a positive way: it's part of kendo training!!


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              I remember somebody smelling so bad that I almost passed out on the spot. Of course now that my dad PURPOSELY put mothballs in the garage for some wierd reason, EVERYTHING smells like mothballs, so I can't really complain.



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                Hold a Kendo get together, then "invite" him into a friendly waterballoon fight. That way you get to have fun throwing things at him, AND he gets a bath!

                Just kidding, that would be bad. I can't suggest anything that hasn't already been said. Just don't let this guy disrupt your Kendo, you should set an example for him, and the juniors in your dojo, even if he is your sempai.

                I think this really proves that sempai aren't necessarily more skilled. They are only sempai because they have been there longer. He should know better, really.


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                  Man, sounds like you have a real dud in the class. I have had my fair share of the sort. They will continue to do their own thing no matter what you do. Even if you consider him your enemy( not saying you do) you should still treat him with the utmost respect.


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                    talking about someone who just ate a bunch of onions and garlic.

                    I consider that another kind of chemical weapons.


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                      bad breath...secret weapon?

                      let's not all go out and munch on cloves of garlic before class.


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                        Ahh, the smell of kendo... stinking doesn't have anything to do with bad etiquette! In fact, I think it is impolite toward the smelly majority of kendoka to be odorless!

                        BTW, a judoka I know told me that eating a handful of raw garlic cloves teh day before a competition was a traditional trick... would work better in judo than in kendo though!


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                          I was at this tournament. One of my opponent was taller than I was, so he was breathing down my face. And gosh... his breath smelled so bad that every time we came in close contact i had to push him away. I almost fainted.

                          Now you see the "secret weapon"?

                          Once i was talking to a japanese girl. She told me the only thing she remembered from the kendo people at her high school was that they smelled bad


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                            In my dojo as well, there are kenshi who are quite smelly. It doesn't seem to bother me too much. I just stay away from them. Now about the sempai with the bad ettiquete, that really stinks (pun intended).

                            Just as some people have mentioned on the post, do the best you can. Do what you know is right and let him be how he wants to be. I wouldn't pick up his sandles or whatever though.


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                              That happened to me a little while ago. He kiaied in my face and all I could do was blink alot and keep from saying What The #%^$^& Man!