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Anti - Zanshin ?

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  • Anti - Zanshin ?

    I've seen a few points awarded for hits that are questionable but were sold very well by good zanshin.

    Is there a counter for the person getting hit to "unsell" the point? Keep up good spirit and act like there was no hit or something?


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    I'm really not proud of this as its not in the spirit of kendo but my favorite trick is basically to kiai men or kote as loud as i can (whether i hit the target or not) when someone scored on me while trying to 'crowd' their zanshin (often by demonstrating my own)- as low as it is i figure that all you have to do is create enough doubt in the shimpans mind for them to not raise their flag, and in my mind, if i can do that it wasnt a clean point anyway?- At the end of the day if they score a beautifully clean point it wont matter what you do as it'll be obvious to anyone and everyone (I was recently told by a sensei that a true ippon is one where even if yur whatching kendo for the first time you know it scored), as this only seems to work (occasionaly) for those points that are a little dubious anyway (ai men or ai kote are best). The other big factor is the expierience of the shimpan - there's no fooling the pro's (one example is an less expierienced shimpan may have a less developed idea of what zanshin is (I for one, being a relative beginer, have no idea other than the technical deinition?)..

    needless to say, it would really be better to work on scoring good clean points yourself rather than try to stop someone scoring them on you - looking for scoring opportunities in jigeiko is far more productive than trying to limit someone elses....but who am i to throw stones;-)

    On the chance your silly enough (like myself) to do it at any stage, keep in mind that even if such tricks work in the short term, they'll handicap you in the long term (i.e. you probably shouldnt listen to a word i say as Im a hachikyu hahahahahaha)


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      well stephen has a good point in what he says if you can overpower their zanshin with your own and put some doubt in there mind and they do not award the point it was not a clear enough point, but by the same token stephen was the best i have seen at selling the point as well as canceling it.


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        You shouldn't be overly worried about what your opponent is doing. If you are, it means that you're in reality waiting for them to score on you so you deserve to lose. Also the rules do allow the shinpan to recind the decision to award a valid strike based on the fact that a shiaisha sells the point too much. If you saw a match where a "bad" cut was awarded because there was great zanshin, then it was probably inexperienced shinpan, in which case it's how the cookie crumbles, baby. OTOH there was maybe something in those cuts that you didn't see and they were in fact yuko datotsu.

        In competition, in any sport, the golden rule is to worry only about the things that are within you control. Judges decisions, what your opponent does, even winning and losing are all OUTSIDE your control and shouldn't be thought about too much. Doing the straightest waza and the most upright kendo you can do are things you CAN do. Focus on them.



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          I think the shinpan display pretty good Zanshin doing their jobs; lol. Always aware.

          And Anti-Zanshin? Is that like being incapacitated? If my understanding of Zanshin is awareness, and concentration+focus, would anti-zanshin be like big man stick swinging? lol.

          one of my iai teachers said: "if are in shia, and your opponent hits you kote, but with no Zanshin, who is less aware, you? or your opponent?" - Good stuff. HAHAHA I Feel like Hachi-Kyu *Sneeze* too

          lol i thought of something kendo-humourous:

          Zanshin HAS TO be discovered. I mean, kendo's no fun getting hit all the time.....

          Joke was funny for author. General Public should not be disturbed by its lameicity.

          Peace guys,

          "Jump into the battle, think not of the consequence, for as far as your country is concerned, you either live or die. If honour had anything to do with it anymore, we probably wouldn't be bothered with the whole war thing in the first place."


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            yes there is, if its like, say a hiki cut, follow them. keep your kensen on their do-mune all these techniques can kill an otherwise goot cut