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    This article describes the effects of electronic scoring in Taekwando during the ongoing Rio games:

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    Just a hypothetical thought... if electronic scoring were used in kendo, what do you think shiai would be like in the Olympics? My feeling is that it would become more offensive minded than defensive minded. As far as waza, I don't think it would change that much at all...that is I don't think people could invent a special technique just to light up a target.

    I see a lot more hacking and wild stick swinging with the less experienced kenshis but I don't see that happening with higher dans. I think you would probably see more nito players also.

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      I think it will come down to whether it is used as a supplemental aid to shimpan or treated as the main arbitrator. If it's the main arbitrator then say bye-bye to zanshin. Speed will be the major factor so as you said, more offensive. If it's just an aid to determine who scored first in a difficult to judge situation, competitive kendo will still evolve to rely on speed and zanshin will be even more sloppy than now but still remain in some diminished form. The problem with electronic scoring is it gives the illusion that an often ambiguous artform can be quantified into something impartial and objective.


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        The possibility of electronic scoring is one of the reasons so many of us oppose Olympic kendo.


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          I remember we had a thread on how to construct scoring electronic scoring systems here once. I believe that I ridiculed the idea by proposing that squeaky bath toys simply be attached to the men kote and do of the competitors. A yuko datotsu then would be called when one of the squeaked. I stand by that system as being as good as any fancy electronic system you can conjure up -- and poses a much cheaper cost of entry... at least until the IKF mandates official shiai squeaky toys; only available from kendo bogu shops.