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Position of Arms after strike

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  • Position of Arms after strike

    The way I was taught that after strike, don't raise your arm higher. They should be level with the shoulder. One time, I rose my arm a bit and almost got knock off my feet from my Sensei, and I know now the reason to keep the arms level.

    Now go ahead and watch all Kendo video, and in the reality, most people, include Hachidan Sensei, All Japan Champion, World Champion, and you see that their arms actually are high up after strike. There must be a reason for that. Is that to show the readiness for the next strike or just a bad habit? Why is it different than what been taught?

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    I would say it is just a natural reaction - shinai bounces back causing your arms to move up...


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      Perhaps a display of zanshin?


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        You've touched a gray area there mate. One of my sensei keeps asking me to make sure that I don't raise my arms up high, especially after men cuts. After watching kendo videos, I keep getting conflicting messages. Keeping the arms up allow me to turn quicker after the cut.


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          mmm my sensei yells at me if I lower my shinai after a men, "KEEP IT UP HIGH!" that's what he yells every time I lower my shinai *shrugs*


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            Yup, seen it too. I'm told to keep my arms about horizontal but in almost every video I've seen people cut men and then immediately go to jyoudan and run through.

            So I have no clue really.


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              Yeah, this is a bit of grey area...I know that smaller people do tend to raise their arms more after hitting larger opponents just because of height differences. Then there is what I see in shiai, where the person tries to tell the judges "See, I got that one!" Being close to 6 ft tall, I'm always getting told to keep my arms level after my cut, and actually get it done now and then It's also what I tell all our students when we are doing men-uchi.

              I guess it's possible that its a reaction of the body versus what we know is correct. dunno *shrug*