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  • Vancouver

    So I've searched the forums and seen a few old posts on this subject
    but nothing too detailed.

    At some point in mid 2004 I expect to be moving to Vancouver from the Eastern US. Will be living on (at first, and then near) the UBC campus (maybe Kitsilano?).

    I've found basic info about the Renbu, Sunrise, Steveston, UBC, and Vancouver clubs on the web, but was hoping that some of you in the area could send me your impressions of the different clubs--PM would likely be best--as I wouldn't ask you to post such thoughts in public.


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    I met someone from UBC at McGill a while back (Dean Yamada I think?). He said his club was always open and typically had good relations with all the other clubs in the Vancouver area (which is a good thing from what I heard of some of the local rivalries).

    Steveston is a good one. Murao-sensei (the Team Canada coach) is a very nice guy and they have plenty of good people. I heard Steveston is kendo mecca out there.

    There's Youshinkan (I think) that features Suguru Asaoka (the current Canadian champion). Good club, more traditional I heard.

    I'm not sure where D.Taguchi practices (he's also a Team Canada member).

    I'm sure people on the Left-Coast can provide you with more information than I can. My impressions are based on limited meetings with a handfull of people and things I've heard through the kendo grapevine.


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      Lucky you. Vancouver and surrounding area is ripe for kendo!
      I hear good things about Steveston.

      I can't remember which one Bob-Sensei is from. He's a riot.


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        I've practiced at Renbu once. That's one kewl place to practice at. I was practically dying from doing drills. There was barely any energy left in me to do any ji-geiko. I've never been so exhausted in my life. Ara-Sensei was great! He's definately an old school sensei which is pretty tyte ^_^. I would definately practice there again if I had another opportunity. Anyway, any dojo you choose should be fine because Vancouver dojos and its surrounding dojos are just freaking good ^_^.


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          Yeah you can't go wrong with the local dojos in the Lower Mainland. Pretty much every dojo has a Team Canada player or more (we have 4 from our dojo). Kits is a really nice place!


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            Bob Takagaki is from Steveston but he also helps out at UBC. Daisaku Taguchi is Sunrise, but he also practices at Steveston.
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              Thanks for the responses so far folks.

              Clearly I need to focus a little harder on getting into shape before my move!


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                I've been to Steveston once for a taikai. Huge tournament, good food, better party after!