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  • Yes, another newbie thread!

    Hi everybody,

    I live in Osaka City (Ikuno ward) and I am really interested in learning one of the sword arts. I am particularly interested iaido (sp?) and kendo. I tried looking around the forums but couldn`t really find what I wanted. I am wondering what possibilities there are for learning these arts. This is probably been covered many times before and I apologize if that is the case, but I would greatly appreciate any input that anyone can give.


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    Check out the local sports centre, you might find some clubs there, or try asking at a local bogu supply shop, if you can find one, or the local police station, or try the phone book, you might be able to find something, at least some kendo dojo should be listed.

    Try this page:

    Good luck!



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      The problem is that my Japanese is extremely limited at the moment. I moved to Japan 6 weeks ago. I am struggling to get out even simple sentences and I am completely hopeless at reading webpages written in Kanji.


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        Spend more time learning Japanese then learn kendo...


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          Originally posted by Will
          Spend more time learning Japanese then learn kendo...
          Practise Kendo or Iaido. Your Japanese will follow quick enough because you'd be among people.
          Kendo and Iaido are studies of movements. Therefore you can start this practise because you can copy moves without words


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            People will definitely want to help you to learn kendo and tell you places to practice if you are sincere and they feel you have a genuine interest. Japanese language skills are not a prerequisite. My first dojo welcomed me in and I had zero proficiency. I couldn't even make sentences. Just hello and thank you. Stay positive, ask at one of the locations that was suggested prior to this post and I am sure that someone will help you.