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    Kn'nichi w! (or should I rather say ohyo gozaimas lol)

    I am not only a newbie in this forum but I'm also newbie in the world of kendo.

    I have never practised kendo in my life ... actually I was closest to kendo, when I practised kobudo and bo-jitsu I'm a karateka myself.

    The reason why am I posting here is 'cause I need your help to find the right dojo to start practising kendo from start.

    I'm living in Vienna (Austria lol) now and we do have some dojos here but the one, which programme is most interesting, is Takeda Ryu Sobudo.

    Here you can practise Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukempo and Kendo at the same time.
    Well that's all nice and ok but it doesn't seem that this school is a part of any international kendo organization etc. so I'm asking you, if you know the dojo? Is this school good? Should I train here?

    Go-kuro-sama des!

    O-genki de,


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    Look at:

    from my crummy german it looks like there are at least two clubs in Vienna for you to visit and this is the association that is affiliated with the European and International Kendo Federations.


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      I'm sorry to say that it very much looks like McDojo with some kind of homebrewed martial art.
      Just the fact that he calls himself 'samurai' and 'master of the secret level' kinda gives it away.
      Go here for more information about Kendo in Austria:


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        What the heck is that?? Whatever that is it isn't kendo


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          no that isn't kendo, that's wannabe and... it sucks so forget it!

          in vienna there are 2 dojos, the wkv and kenshikan. it doesn't matter which you join, because they are together, so you can visit each training of both clubs, but you just pay for one... i'm in kenshikan ( ) and just a newb, but it's cool

          naja vielleicht kommst ja mal vorbei zuschaun, anfnger sind am dienstag und am donnerstag (am donnerstag is spannender, da sind auch rstungstrger). ich glaub der nchste anfngerkurs beginnt im mrz.


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            Yes, this "takedaryu master school with 44 generations of super senseis" seems to be something very peculiar, and imo you shouldn't trust any not serious-looking, inofficial organization. I suggest you'd rather turn to kenshikan or the aka (austrian kendo association = wkv, wiener kendo verein) that were mentioned above, cause as far as I know these two are the only official orgs. in Austria! I'm living in Austria too and am attending the same dojo like darkluc3 and I can only recommend it. Anyways, if you wan't to see for yourself, I'm sure you're allowed to watch a practice session of this mysterious takeda school which takes place in the Budokan Center in the 10th district of vienna (if I'm right).

            PS: Just look at this guy, can't believe he's the ultimate master, but maybe I'm wrong...


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              Someone with little history would know that aikido was invented by O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, not long ago.

              but fithing with sinahi wrapped in cotton with not protection looks nice.
              Exept for tsuki.


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                And the Takeda Ryu doesn't exists anyway.


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                  Sorry guys, but just because it doesnt look like Kendo the way you all know it that does not mean that it is not Kendo.

                  I have started to train within the Takeda-ryu about two years ago with the disciplines Jodo, Iaido and Aikido. The Iaido already combined with the first approaches to Kendo.

                  When I first came into the Dojo and brought my "original" Kendo shinai with me that I had at home to do some basic suburi exercises, the sensei looked a me and asked me what this should be. Later I found out that the Takeda-ryu had a completely different view of what Kendo should be. Let me quote what is shown on the webpage about it:

                  Doing the right thing at the right time requires mainly
                  patience, a strategic approach, courage and determination at
                  the right moment: all these things are taught by Takeda Ryu
                  Kendo. Training your mind and strengthening your will make
                  you purposeful, enduring and successful in life.

                  Takeda Ryu Kendo is also referred to as Sobukendo since it
                  involves many very different forms of combat that far
                  transcend those of the modern sport of Kendo.
                  Strategic fighting exercises including Koryu (=ancient)
                  Kenjutsu ("Tachi Kendo")

                  KENDO, the fencing, is part of the swordsmanship. For basic exercises wooden swords (BOKUTO) are used, in the TAKEDA school. On higher level, contraty the sports kendo, TAKEDA RYU KENDO uses no protection gear in fighting exercises. The players are forced to greater alertness not to reveal their weaknesses. The only concession to safety is the FUKURO SHINAI, a bamboo stick wrapped in cotton, and the skills of good fighters. Only children and lower grades are allowed to use protection gear.

                  I can only share my point of view here with you. I have been practising martial arts since I was 16 (Hap Ki Do, Goshin, Shotokan-Karate and now Takeda-ryu) but the reason why I quit Karate was exactly the reason why I joined the Takeda-ryu. Karate was simply degraded to a SPORT activity - nothing was left of the DO anymore. Takeda-ryu opened for me a completely new perspective of a traditional Budo.

                  @ Gregor:
                  I would suggest that you contact one of the vienna Takeda dojos and ask for a "Schnuppertraining". At least in Bruck/Mur where I train it is no problem at all to come several times to find out if you like it or not before you actually will get a membership. Generally speaking the whole thing really depends on what you want to do and what you expect. I am the last one to say that one way is correct and the other is not. Find out yourself. Contact me with a PM if you have any further questions where I might be able to help.

                  @Hitokiri: just because Sensei Kobilza doesnt look like Toshiro Mifune I would not underestimate his skills. Never judge a book by the cover. The Soke of the Takeda-ryu is Sensei Nakamura.



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                    @ Takeda
                    I didn't really want to be offensive, I just said in my opinion the Takeda-ryu isn't the right thing for me. If it appeals to you, no prob, I'm not good enough to decide what is real kendo or not, but from my point of view it looks ridiculous. But that's only my opinion, don't bother


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                      @takeda: everyone is free to make and think what he wants but... not to use an armor for being more careful is... well, i wouldn't like to be hit with nor without armor... but ok... i simply don't think that takeda kendo is kendo!

                      the kendo photographs on the austrian takeda page look like... well, let's say they are good actors looking good isn't the true way for a martial art (m. musashi) and to throw down the opponent like in judo surely isn't kendo (even if i still don't know very much)... nor it is effective...

                      and the -DO of kendo still exists, it depends how YOU practice it, not the others...


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                        Thank your guys for your replies. I've also got a reply from IKF/AJKF. They also said that they never heard for this particular school because there are millions of Ryu in Japan. That of course also means that Takeda Ryu is not a member of IKF.

                        So the answer to my question is probably simple ... if I want to train proper kendo and that my exames/graduation will be recognized I have to train in an school, wich is part of an official kendo association (e.g kenshikan).

                        And then, after I've trained kendo for min 5 years, I can go and explore the world of kendo and similar arts in other scools such as Takeda Ryu ... because then I'll be able to see and judge the quality of their techniques by myself.



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                          Didn't get it, Takeda Ryu is not a real ryu doesn't exist
                          And aikido was invented in not long ago, but not in 1200.


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                            A ryu so big, would documented on


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                              @ Ultravires

                              Yeah, sounds like a good decision to me! So maybe we'll soon meet during a kendo practice on Tuesday or Thursday (the days I'm attending training), good luck
                              Ii kettei desu, ganbatte kudasai!

                              @ Takeda
                              Darkluc is right in writing that the original meaning of kendo still exists. I don't know which experiences made you think that the way of kendo, the do, might has disappeared, but I can only say, whether the mentality and philosophy of kendo and traditional japanese budo is lost or kept in memory only depends on your attitude, no matter what others think or say! Wakarimashita ka?