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    Hi all,

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but hope you guys can give me a hand! I'm spending a few months in a university in S. Korea, and was thinking of starting training in Iaido - Does anyone know of any English/Japanese-speaking (preferably English) schools in or near Seoul?

    There don't seem to be any established schools in my home country, Singapore, so I was hoping to get a good foundation down while overseas. If it matters, I have no experience in Kendo and *very* little experience in Aikido.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you guys are able to give!

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    I think Seoul's about the only place you'd find that, but you need to be wary. The kanji for Iaido is commonly read "kuhapdo" in Korean. (On a linguistic note, I can't let go that it SHOULD be written "keohapdo", or even "geohapdo") There are a lot of hapkido schools that advertise "kuhapdo", and they're just as rubbish as the hapkido schools that advertise "kumdo", at least if you're interested in learning IKF/KKA styles. There are schools of Japanese Iaido/Keohapdo in Seoul. Not being an iaido guy myself, I can't say any more than that.

    *btw, expecting instruction in either Japanese (!) or English is a road to disappointment.
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      Thanks so much for the advice! Any idea how I should go about looking for a proper school in Seoul though? There doesn't seem to be much information available online in English, and I'm not good enough in Korean to understand half of what comes up in a Korean search engine...

      On a related note, about how forgiving would you say Korean schools tend to be toward foreigners who don't speak Korean fluently?


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        As I said, I'm not an iaido guy. Try here: At least they admit iaido is Japanese in origin, unlike some of the Hapkido schools, and I see they have a list of kata ("Bon" in Korean) in Japanese. Some of the iaido guys around here might be able to discern what school it's from. And it's in Seoul.


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          Thanks so very much! Sounds pretty much like what I've been looking for. Will check them out Thanks again, and I'm still open to further advice/suggestions/comments in the meantime!


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            Cool. Just read through the website and they look legit. Looks like the iaido federation actually operates a dojo near Yonsei University in the Shinchon neighborhood, right off the No. 2 (Green) subway like station. The website says they practice seitei iai plus Musoshinden-ryu as their koryu. Class times Tuesday through Friday, 6 p.m. and then again at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday at 6 p.m.

            I'd be interested to hear what your experience is like there.


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              Yep I gathered as much too - I think their dojo is at Shincheon though, which although similarly named is pretty far from Shinchon :P Only about a 40-minute ride from where I'm staying near Korea University though, so I'll probably give them a call/make a trip down next week, after the Chuseok holidays. Will update this thread when I do!


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                Really? I thought they were in Songpa, which is near Gangnam. Pretty solidly Seoul.


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                  *edit* nvm... just read Halcyon's post.


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                    Paid a visit yesterday and registered as a member. Seems I missed most of the main practice since by the time I got there there were only a handful of others around, but the people there seemed nice enough. Before I left the head instructor even gave me some traditional snacks to bring home.

                    Language doesn't look like it'll be a big problem - I managed to fumble my way through the administrative stuff with my limited Korean, and it seems there's another English-speaking foreigner who attends practices there. I think they use quite a bit of the Japanese terminology as well.

                    Well all in all a pleasant first visit, and I'll be starting lessons proper next Tuesday.


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                      Hey, can you post their practice or photos on youtube ? It would be coold to watch their practice... I have never practice iaido myself...


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                        Hey guys! Does anyone practice iaido and jodo in Seoul? Moving to Seoul next month, hope to join a dojo to keep on training.