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Bristol dojo for UWE student

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  • Bristol dojo for UWE student

    Hi, I am in my firs year of Uni, and I am really interested in starting Kendo, but i cannot find a Dojo that I can get to without a lot of walking between obscure bus stops etc.

    I dont drive (yet), and it is amazing how bad the public transport is. The closest I can find requires two twenty minute walks, a bus and a train journey. I am fully prepared to do this, but i thought i should ask if there is one closer to me before doing so.

    I currently live in Filton, near the University of the West of England Frenchay campus.

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    I have found an easier way to get there, thankfully. It turns out that the Dojo is right near a train station, and i can get there by train. It is amazing though. The station is the next one along from mine, and yet no train stops at both stations, so i have to go all the way to Temple Meads station, then half way back again. V. frustrating.