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kenjutsu in vancouver BC ??

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  • kenjutsu in vancouver BC ??

    does anyone know good kenjutsu dojos in vancouver BC ??

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    I am going to revive this thread since there are no answers and I would like to know if anyone can answer this after 8 years haha.

    I couldn't find much from Googling.

    So are there any Kenjutsu dojos in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada?



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      The only real way to answer your question is to ask "What do you mean by kenjutsu?" If you mean Japanese sword arts, I know of kendo, MJER iaido, and Hoki ryu iaido. If you mean something else, you'll need to clarify in order for people to be able to try and help you out.


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        I'm still quite new to this. I haven't done Kendo or any type of Kenjutsu before so excuse me if I make any silly comments.

        From my understanding, Kendo and Kenjutsu are two separate things. Kendo focuses on utilizing a bamboo sword and on striking techniques at specific targets whereas Kenjutsu utilizes bokkens and has a more complete curriculum.

        I am looking for the latter. I am also looking for a Kenjutsu dojo that has some sparring aspect to it with the use of bokkens. I am not sure if Iaido would apply to this?


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          Maybe the closet thing to what you are looking for is the Hoshu Vancouver Dojo - see the CKF website for details. They do jodo but I imagine that the utilise the bokken in the some of the various forms. As to a Kenjutsu school like TSKSR (Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu) I don't know...


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            From my understanding, Kendo and Kenjutsu are two separate things.
            Actually, no. Kendo has come to mean a specific form of kenjutsu utilizing shinai and bogu, with specific rules under the World Kendo Federation in order to prevent people from be killed.

            Here are a few things to think about ... there are no legitimate Japanese sword arts that will allow you to spar with bokken. Kendo developed into what it is today partly because too many people were being injured or killed in matches with bokken. If you wish to spar in the Japanese sword arts, you'll need to learn kendo. OK, there is chanbara, but that is with boffers and is meant more for kids.

            MJER iaido has two person drills with bokken, but most dojo will want you to achieve a certain minimum ranking and time in training before you are taught these. Hoki ryu also has a number of two person kata, and I have no idea when you'd be able to learn those as I've not had any close association with anyone practicing Hoki ryu.

            Don't get caught up in what people think something is. The Japanese sword arts are much deeper than most people who don't practice them suspect, and it is impossible to stick them in a nutshell. My advice is to set up an appointment to talk with the different instructors, and go observe a class. This will give you some indication as to whether it will ultimately be something that you enjoy doing. Look closely at what it is, rather than what you think it might be.

            Good luck!


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              Mr Yellow, thanks for the information. I will definitely check out the CKF website. Also, if you don't mind, I sent you a pm.

              Pgsmith, I appreciate the explanation you have given. Now I am a bit more clear on the world of kendo and kenjutsu. I will follow your advice and observe classes in my city. After reading reading your response, I think Iaido might be what I am looking for perhaps. Thanks again!


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                Excellent! Please come back and let us know what you think of the classes.


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                        They are tasty. It just seemed a strange moniker.


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