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  • Training in Melbourne, Australia

    Hi all,

    As a complete beginner, I am looking for some advice on good places to train in Melbourne. There is a lot on offer but with no previous experience in Kendo, how do I sort the good form the bad? What should I look for in a teacher and sylabus? I have been recovering from back surgery for teh last few weeks and I'm still a few weeks away from starting training so have a bit of time to check out places.

    Any people on here train at Vic Uni or Kendo Bukokai? Vic Uni is close but I'm studied martial arts before before extesively and am prepared to travel to get the best tuition.

    Kind Regards,


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    Any club that is affiliated with the Victorian Kendo Renmei will teach proper Kendo. There is no secrecy or exclusivity in Kendo and any sensei who suggests otherwise should be considered suspect. That means that once you have an established foundation of basics and are wearing bogu, you may train freely at any club or with any sensei you like. Of course you must be a member of one particular club and it is best for your own progress that you have a main sensei who instructs you. But kenshi are encouraged to train widely and expose themselves to a wide range of opponents, especially in a country with a relatively small Kendo population.

    Vic Uni I would highly recommend. The instructor there is excellent.

    The Victorian Kendo Renmei and the Australian Kendo Renmei are affiliated with the International Kendo Federation (FIK). As you might know already from your research there is only one governing body for Kendo worldwide. Same goes for Australia. b


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      If you're a complete beginner, I suggest you browse around and contact different clubs first. Usually clubs would only accept very new people during a 'beginner's course'. I believe the Melbourne Budokai would have a beginner's course opening up soon.