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Oxford uk - sunday kendo practice

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  • Oxford uk - sunday kendo practice

    New Sunday midday Kendo practice in Oxford UK.

    Beginners - Experienced, Children - Adults, All Welcome.

    If you are in, or visiting, the Oxford area you are welcome to join or watch a practice.

    For updated details:

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    I'll be there Wednesday!

    (Unfortunately on a family vacation and w/o bogu.)



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      Hey JJ,
      thanks for the message.

      This week, I can't make the practice on Wednesday myself, but I will be around for the Sunday practices.

      I am unsure if we will have a spare bogu for you on Wednesday, as there are none at that venue; but I will let people know you are coming and see what we can do.
      I am sure we will have a shinai for you, if you want to do some uchikomi geiko, or I am sure you will be welcome to just watch and come to the pub afterwards if you just want to touch base with some kendoka in Oxford,
      We have several other practices during the week and we may be able to sort out some bogu for you at one of those.



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        How long are you in the UK for jjcruiser?


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          Oh, I just meant I'd be in Oxford generally, not at the practice--I didn't even realize you had practice on Wednesdays.

          But the offer of meeting up sounds fun. Send me a PM.

          (I'm in the UK from Wed-Sat, Cotswolds area for the first couple days then London for the next couple.)


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            HI JJ,

            ok assumed you had found out about our usual Wednesday practice, I will PM you