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Seeking dojo information for this learner in Lex, KY

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  • Seeking dojo information for this learner in Lex, KY

    Hello to you, I am very much wanting to take my first steps into practicing kendo, something I have waited to do for a very long time. The nearest dojo that is listed for me is in Lexington KY, but I am curious on if anyone here attends classes there. I am new to this so could you explain a little about the lessons, such as what typically is the routine, what days/hours do we practice, how many ppl attend, are new students welcome, what costs range in, you know general things one may ask. I thought asking a fellow student would be best vs. calling the sensei and not knowing what to ask clearly. Many thanks.

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    Hello. I will try and answer your questions as best as possible. Typically new students have only been accepted during April and October. The class consists primarily of Japanese children who are attending the Japanese day school. Classes are between 3:30pm and 5:30pm on Saturdays at Tates Creek in Lexington. There are usually four or five Japanese instructors present, class is conducted primarily in Japanese (with additional English instruction given to the non Japanese students).
    We have recently lost two of our sensei, classes are currently directed by Komada Sensei, godan.
    Where are you at? We have recently started a Kendo Club in Louisville, KY
    Please feel free to email me at for additional informaiton about either training group.
    Jeffrey Z. Brown
    Central Kentucky Kendo Club
    Louisville Kendo Club
    Ronin Bushido Aikido Club