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Tokyo dojo with some English?

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  • Tokyo dojo with some English?

    Hi, I've been studying Kum Do here in Korea for six or seven months now, but my time here is up. I will be working in Tokyo or the surrounding area in the fall for three months and I would like to train at a Dojo that has some English speakers. I am wondering if anyone has a list of Tokyo area dojos with English speakers (or even just a list of Tokyo dojos...I know..there must be thousands..) Unfortunately I won't know where I'll be working until a few weeks before I start (Sept.) and I'll probably post then with a more detailed description. (Perhaps the university I work at will have a club that trains when I'm free.)

    (I'm new to this forum...just wondering if there are many users in Japan and if you are Japanese or foreigners?)

    Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.


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    I just saw the Kendo in Japan thread. I will check that and perhaps cross post. Nevertheless if anyone has any specific info I would still appreciate it.


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      My sensei is practicing at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo every saturday.
      (about 5+ 7 dan up, 10+ 6 dans, 10+ 5-dans, 15-20 3-4dans, 5+ 2 dan or below)
      He spent many years in US, so he can help you.
      If need info, please e-mail me,


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        Chiyoda ku


        I also practice at the Chiyoda ku gym, but mostly on Tues and Thurs nights. I've gone to the Saturday practices a few times, though. Who is your sensei? I'd love to chat with him, next time I go.



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          Yokohama Dojos...

          I'll post this in the Training in Japan too...but I just wanted to update...
          I am in Yokohama, living in Minami-Ku but teaching at Kanagawa University, Yokohama Campus.
          If anyone know any dojos in the area, please let me know. My gear is here and I'm ready to go...