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How to learn Tsukamaki?

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  • How to learn Tsukamaki?

    I heard of Colorado Token Kai, but I am unable to track this meeting down,it might not exist anymore. I called Akebono restaurant. The man who answered did not speak english well, and when it finally boiled down to "Meeting" he said "No meeting! This is restaurant! *click* " -- at this point I've begun to think I should learn to speak Japanese soon. Nonetheless, I still need to learn tsukamaki.

    I'll teach myself with Thomas Buck's guide on Tsukamaki if I have to, but first and foremost, I need materials. Anyone know where to get good Tsuka-Ito, tsuka, and tsuka stand? Ray-skin too, but that can come later.

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    At first i wondered why on earth you would call a Japanese restaurant to ask about tsukamaki and was thoroughly amused by imagining your telephone conversation.

    Then i googled your data. Did you call 987-2534 and ask to speak to David Lay?

    Maybe the whole thing is a prank.


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      Thing about that number is, the area codes here can be 303 or 720. I tried that number with the more common 303 and it was an aswering machine for someone other than David Lay...

      I don't know. Anyway though, I can learn wrapping on my own for now, what I really need help with is carving the Tsuka.