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    I'm going to be in St. Louis for a week and was wondering if anyone knew of any Kendo dojos in the area, I looked on the AUSKF website but couldn't find anything. Heck it could be interesting to visit a Kumdo dojo to see how they do things. any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Try this guy

    Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 09:25:59 -0600

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    From: Shawn Mc gough <Musashi1264@MSN.COM>

    Subject: Kendo in St. Louis MO, NEW!!!

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    I am writing you to inform you and you readers that I have started the Missouri Kendo Society. Located at 5055 Alaska Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111, Phone 314-412-1708. I currently run Kickmaster's Ultimate Martial Arts Academy In St. Louis, MO and am in th process of opening another at the above location. For many years I have searched for a Kendo club or school in the area, but had no such luck. Lately changes in my life have inspired me to start a Kendo society of my own, knowing many other qualified martial artist and sword enthusiest, who also where dying to study.

    We are a small but prosperying group who have passion in learning the way of the sword. I would welcome any suggestion and help in taking the right steps on our way to make this a reputable Kendo society. It is my dream that some day the Missouri Kendo Society would form into a strong Kendo Club, respectful enough to be recognized by Japanese and American Kendo Assc. but for now we are just struglling to come up with the proper equipment and literature/Instruction so that the those in Missouri who have the need to practice can come together with others and practice, practice and practice. For it has been stated many times that practice is the best instructor, but it doesn't hurt to get a little help from fellow sword enthusiast to get there with the right tools and information.

    Please contact me if you can help us out.


    Shawn Mc Gough


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      This group is actively practicing. They are fairly new. Met them at the SW Federation seminar in Oklahoma City.


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        Three Rivers Aikido?

        St. Louis Kendo Club at Three Rivers Aikido
        7403 Manchester Road
        Maplewood, MO
        Contact: Ned Reilly (314)516-2639
        Dojo (314)645-2345
        - - -

        Unless they changed floors, you'll be doing fumikomi on aikido mats.

        The aikido instructor is a student of Steven Seagal.


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          Wow! thanks guys, i'll check them out. I hate having to miss practice while i'm away


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            DCPAN, thanks for the contact info for Ned Reilly.
            He was a super nice guy and extremely accomodating. He was even willing to practice with me outside of their regular dojo hours, I was unfortunately unable to take him up on it due to some complications with scheduling but if anyone is ever in St. Louis I highly reccomend they look him up.
            It's just great to see that kind of hospitality.