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Kendo Dojo's in NYC?

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  • Kendo Dojo's in NYC?


    I will be moving back to NYC next week and was wonder if anyone has recommendations for Kendo dojos I should check out. Thanks!

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    Why, NYC Kendo Club, of course!

    As a matter of protocol, visit a few of them before deciding. Ken Zen and Shidogakuin are also dojos located in NYC.


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      NYC can be a big place to get around. Some dojos allow you to store bogus on site, some others don't. You might not like to lug around your stuff on the subway, so locations may be a factor for your consideration.

      In Manhattan, there are 3 big dojos. Like Sminki said, Ken Zen, NYC Kendo, and Shidogakuin. There's also Kenshinkai, but it's smaller and practices only once a week. The four mentioned are all kendo DOJO's. There are some kumdo dojangs as well. I think most of them are in Queens, Flushing? Il Kum Kwan is the only one I can think off the top of my head.

      Assuming you'll be in Manhattan or willing to go to Manhattan, look at the 3 big dojos' websites for their schedules and locations. You can also search this forum to get a feeling of what people have been saying of the big 3's (though I can't recall ever reading anything negative about them).

      Lastly, you should visit all 3 of them (and Kenshinkai also, so 4!).


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        Yes, try shidogakuin, I attend their afiliated dojo in Miami, very nice, here is their site:, give them a try. I wish you luck