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  • Kendo in Abbotsford, BC

    Hi, I live in Abbotsford and used to study Kendo in Vancouver BC. I didn't study for long (6 months) and hold no rank. The problem is I also study iaido and between the two arts the drive to Vancouver was getting overwhelming. I have since focussed on iai and given up Kendo but miss it so much that I'm willing to put in the drive. Before I begin again though I was wondering if there are any Kenshi/kendoka in the abbotsford area that have a private practice and wouldn't mind including outsiders, failing that wish to carpool to a Vancouver club? Are there any Sensei in the area that might be interested in starting an Abby kendo club? I feel Abbotsford must be a big enough city that there must be some Kendo fanatics besides myself. There are numerous community halls and gyms that I'm sure could accommodate a Kendo club in the valley. This city needs a club!!! Any persons interested please offer advice, or get in touch. Thanks.