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  • Shodan Waza for grading

    I will be sitting shodan in october and was wondering what kind of waza should i be focusing on for this level? WHat other differences are there between ikkyu and shodan grading?

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    Men-uchi and do it better than you did for ikkyu.


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      I'm going to make your task double the difficulty... men and kote men.

      I even threw in some plain kote into my shodan grading, but my sensei told me after that if I was going to do kote, I should have followed it up with a good men. Still passed with what I did, but I thought I would pass that on...


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        I agree with Mr Schmidt...

        men-uchi... and run through... and good voice... better demonstration of ken-ki-tai-ichi...

        ...just like he said.. similar to ikkyu testing, only do it better.


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          I heard from few sources that Men only is too plain. Is it more emphasize on "attack all the time" no matter it is Men, Kote, Kote-Men than "how to attack good Men only". I think for shodan, Sensei looks for solid Ki-Ken-tai- ichi than "Who got a solid Men". I might be wrong since I am only Shodan.


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            so big men or quick men?


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              For shodan, the basic strikes are enough. You can use a small men but make sure it is clear and strong, not a tap. Avoid backwards strikes, tsuba-zeriai in general, gyaku-doh, tsuki, katsugi-waza. Show lots of energy, don't worry too much about winning or losing. The judges would like to see you get at least one clear point.


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                I got this info from Yamaguchi sensei from Renshinkan kendo Florida.
                According to Kendo Nippon. This is judge looking for each Dan Test. This is Japanese standard, but I think also they are looking for same things.
                Sho Dan(1 Dan)
                1. Is correctly your kendo-gi putting on?
                2. Is Hakama correctly worn?
                3. Is himo tied? Untied is not good.
                4.Men is worn correctly?
                5.Is kote himo is right length?
                6.Is person using right Shinai?
                7.Understanding of Keiko and Understanding of what to do in Keiko
                8.Pay attention enough to opponent.
                9.Kamae is natural or not
                10. Kiai is good enough or not.
                11.As Men-uchi is basic, can you able to hit with Monouchi on Shinai.
                12.Able to understand Maai (Distance) for hitting
                13.Express good Zanshin.

                14. Understand of chance of hitting. (understand of uchi(hitting) no kikai(chance, timing, time of right hitting)
                15.Able to do basic Ojiwaza(kote nuki Men, kote harai men, Aiuchi Men, and so on) and Shikake waza(Kote-Men, Harai-Men, and so on)
                16.Able to do Powerful Kiai.
                17.As Understanding of Touma, 1soku 1tou no ma, and Chikama very well, to Attack opponent.
                18.Show the full spiritual of Zanshin.

                19. Able to hit in Sen no Kikai, Go no Kikai without missing, and able to do Shikake waza or Ojiwaza.
                20. Able to understand Maai itself, Physically and Mentally.
                21. Understanding of fundamental of Datotu(hitting)
                22. In sprit, keep in Seme, and having settle Kamae.
                23. Show good Zanshin without hole, (Suki no Nai)

                24. Is your Kendo Beautiful?( Even one get hit, without reacting of getting hit emotionally, able to do good nice looking Kendo or not. Not so aggressive, not so rush. Good settle Kendo)
                25. Able to hit good opportunity of hitting and also accurate hitting, precise hitting
                26. Doing the kendo which is able to teach correct Kendo Under High school students(1 Dan, 2 Dan level)
                27. Understanding importance of Zanshin.

                5-Dan above, Please buy Kendo Nippon. Also this is done by easy translation, so more detail, please read Kendo Nippon(August). This is one of the best Magazine for Dan testing. I really recommend to buy Kendo Nippon.
                Shigehiko Yamaguchi