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Nervous candidate.

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  • Nervous candidate.

    I thought that would try this one out. What do fellow kendokas think ? I have been doing kendo for 4 years now and I am about to attempt my nikyu test. I haven't had had much feedback, and I don't have a Sensei at the moment. I seemed to have handled the previous tests well ( I was asked after 4th kyu to attempt 3rd and I passed).

    Can anyone tell me what to expect for nikyu , and is it right to be more nervous before this test than any of the others..

    Cheers Bob.

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    hello bob, (I can assume your name is bob right) welcome to k-w
    First if you are doing kendo for four years you are most likely ready for passing to nikyu, although it all depends on how much and if you trained regularely.

    But may I be so bold as to inquire where you are from, because from the various discussions on the forum, it seems that grading-costums somewhat differ from one country to another. It also depends if your nikkyu is awarded by your sensei in your dojo or a federation or so.
    I believe your sensei will no doubt make sure you know what is gonna come on the exam, not the exact details offcourse, but I think he wil surely tell you what to give attention too.

    Anyways from my very recent expierience with passing to nikkyu I can say that it's just the same as sankyu but better, faster and more accurate.


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      Thanks for the welcome. I am from australia. I have just had a look around the site and found that grading systems are quite different around the world Thanks guys.. In my experince I have found that there isn't much difference between the grades but your execution has to be better..


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        Which state are you from mate?


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          NSW, Mate..


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  're referring to the grading to be held next month during Founder's Cup?

            Taken from the NSW Kendo Association's website on grading requirement:

            2.3.9 Nikyu Grading Technical Requirements


            Kiri-Kaeshi as Motodachi

            Uchi-komi Geiko

            Kakari Geiko

            Ji Geigo

            I've been told (and you can also read from this forum) that kiai is especially important during grading. Just try your best!


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              Can you explain Kakarigeiko?

              All the rest seems to read like our training sessions. Is the founders cup an Individual tournament or a teams event as well.


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                Founders Cup is a team event (1 kyu team and 1 dan team from each club).

                Kakari-geiko = all out attack. I'm sure others would be able to explain it better than me.


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                  Thanks for the website Androu. It was very helpful to read the requirement.


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                    kakarikeiko is either -attacking on targets given
                    -making an oppening and attack
                    -giving an opening and counterattack

                    that is as far as I know, I could be not be 100% accurate on this subject, on our level main thing seems to be is that you keep attacking on the openings you are given. You should be able to recognize oppenings fast when you see one. I'm told the attacks should be big and biautifull, much spirit, fumikomi, all the way trough and I believe you can add a few points of attention as well.
                    I'ts much like uchikomi only you don't know what the motodachi is gonna do next.


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                      seems that I am rather slow compared, someone else had already answered before I was done typing.


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                        Originally posted by Wout
                        kakarikeiko is either -attacking on targets given
                        -making an oppening and attack
                        -giving an opening and counterattack
                        Neither...just all-out attack. Don't wait for an opening, just attack continiously and ideally, keeping constant kiah going.



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                          Originally posted by Taek
                          Thanks for the website Androu. It was very helpful to read the requirement.
                          No worries Taek. Go for nidan soon eh?


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                            hmm then I'm thinking of something else, If I would only remember it's name.


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                              Great thing about kendo... kiai... if you feel nervous before your grading, then let out a big kiai as you begin your bout to vent all that nervousness, then just do your best, cleanest kendo.

                              Gotta love kiai, feels great...