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  • My First Grading

    I have just found out our club is holding internal Kyu gradings soon. I am a bit nervous about it and when i get nervous i tend to make mistakes. Any ideas how to control your nerves before doing a grading.

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    Just relax, you've put in the time at the dojo, you're ready.


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      just chill, you're 26, so you should be able to calm your mind by now. If you're confident in what you know, you should be ok. Is Mr Bishop your sensei?


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        Yes he is my sensei. And i am sure he will have some words of wisdom on the grading topic tonight a training. Once i know what format the grading will take i will probably be fine.


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          Someone told me that I should treat shinsa like it's another training - I agree with him completely.


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            Before the grading started that I had, our Sesei came to us and said " Do everything the sameway that you do in practice. Do not try and change anything."

            I guess that also releates to the statement of you play like you practice.


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              Originally posted by JHusch
              Before the grading started that I had, our Sesei came to us and said " Do everything the sameway that you do in practice. Do not try and change anything."

              I guess that also releates to the statement of you play like you practice.
              My sensei does something similar. Before gradings and even shiai, he tells everyone, "Remember, kendo is for fun. Enjoy yourself as you do in club practice."


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                Yeah, just relax and do exactly what you do at practice and you should have no problems. Remember, your sensei let you take the test because he/she thought you were ready!!

                Have fun!!


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                  my sensei said two things to me "they are looking for 'big swing' and 'loud voice'"

                  What are you testing for? Based on your age I'm asuming it is one of the higher ranking kyus. Just have high spirit and good luck.


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                    If you dont mind a complete n00b speaking that hadnt any gradings yet.

                    Just get in "the zone" , dont focus on your surroundings...............just on your opponent and goal.........let your mind flow and do like you did in practice.
                    It's the same way I feel about all forms of sports even when martial art is not a sport; An UEFA World Cup Final or a NBA Final shouldnt be any different than a backyard fungame with your mates......................

                    Good luck btw on your grading...............break a leg............


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                      Okay, I graded for the first time in February and this is what I rememeber.

                      I was really nervous, and I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling nervous, pretty much everyone does, even after the first grading (which is what people in the dojo tell me).

                      Okay, so the grading itself, they had me do kirikaeshi since I had never done it before, and by the time I had finished that and started into the first round of jigeiko, wasn't feeling nervous anymore. You'll get focused enough doing kendo to forget to feel nervous. Personally, I think worrying about being nervous just makes us more nervous, which makes us worry, which makes us more nervous, and its just a vicious cycle.

                      Try not to worry about the grading, and I completely agree with everyone else, treat it as another day of practice.

                      Good luck.


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                        You'll be fine. The grading will be embedded in a seminar which will ease you in. Just switch on when you enter the dojo and let the sensei teach you!



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                          have you ever done any demonstrations infront of the class? its just like that, just think of it this way, i read it about pre fight nerves it was "dont think of what the other person can do to you, think of that person as a target with multiple weak points and places for hitting"

                          seeing as this grading is a international grading and im sure other people will be doing it, think of the others as inadequate, absolute crap at iaido so when you are waiting for your turn look at the others think how you could improve on what the did look for thier mistakes and show them how it should be done ive never been told when i was doing a grading i was doing karate and the sensei sed "ok lads you and you are doing a grading" i thought "oh.........ok then"

                          so just think how could you are, nads to everyone else just do your stuff


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                            i also passed my first grading in february to 8th kyu in kendo and iaido. although i had been in training since september 2004 and was well prepared, i was nervous, cold sweat on my hands, the damn bokken shakin like a twig in the wind.
                            but i guess, that was not because it was my kendo-grading, but because of a general fear of tests, some kind of post-school-trauma.
                            at my dojo, the grading-test itself is not the most important thing, because it is only a 10 minute performance. it depends on your daliy shape, good mood or lot of stress changes your concentration, like in school.
                            but our senseis also watch our progress during regular training, so youre not pinned down on that single event, so there is no need to be afraid at all, especially for your first grading.
                            the senseis are surely interested in your progress and they know, that passing the first grading is an extra-push of motivation to most students.

                            take a deep breath, listen to the commandos, dont be hasty, if you have to think of some movements first and you get the job easily done.


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                              think about good pint of your favorite ale.. it should go by really fast. i don't really remember much about the testing, but it was short and sweet. got there on time.. took the test.. thank the sensei.. and was outta there.

                              if you have weak stomach, don't eat haggis before the testing.