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YonDan Examination Notes: SWKIF Shinsa

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  • YonDan Examination Notes: SWKIF Shinsa

    We just had our latest Shinsa -- and only 1/14 YonDan passed.

    Although I wasn't testing I always make a point to be there and support everyone that I can who is testing. I also never miss the Sensei-Panel Feedback they give
    everyone at the end. We invited Koeki Sensei as a guest, and he gave some great feedback on many different things for the YonDans failures. I wrote down
    as much as I could. As my ability to test YonDan in 2016 is dependent upon hearing this critique and actively feeding into my Kendo-daily-life.
    These are not direct quotes...but my notes I wrote down after he was done speaking.

    Uniform should not be too old, or too new, it should be practiced in enough that it is comfortable and "formed" to your body especially bogu.
    Himo should not be frayed on the men, all knots are proper. All Himo is correct length. Too long will fail.
    Himo knot on men should be horizontal, Vertical will fail.
    Uniform should be clean.
    No emblems on Keikogi, no kanji or names on Hikama - you should be "faceless" to the judges no identity on uniform

    Reijo -
    At all times you are being tested. Do not create distractions for others or for yourself. If you are a distracted you cannot pass because you are not ready.
    Do not sit back in the chair, not bounce your foot and become nervous. Do not relax, instead build your Ki.
    You are being judged when you walk in the room, not only when you are doing Keiko - judges pay attention very closely to everyone.
    You may have failed by the time you sit in the chair without proper Reijo.

    Shinsa Keiko
    Rei - Build your Ki, dominate your opponent throughout Rei. Your Ki should be evident to the judges in your manner.
    Sonkyo - Back Straight, do not rush. DO NOT SIT. Keep tension in your legs, space between thigh and calf, never relax down - keep tension, thighs parallel to floor.
    you cannot be ready for keiko if you are at rest.

    Build your Ki -- do not attack too much. Take time to build your Ki like a balloon that is ready to pop - Tame...keep the Tame then explode. Strike with all your might.
    Do not attack and attack, show that you can control your opponent. That you can make the opening through controlling your opponent through your Ki and Seme.

    Kiai LOUDLY. Small Kiai is nervous, short breath will keep nervous energy inside of you. Kiai allows you to relax and can make your opponent hesitate.

    Sonkyo at end should show Ki - -- too many people think its over and relax. The test is not over. The test isn't over until WE (the judges) are done for the day.

    After your test remember Reijo for others still testing, reserve your thoughts and respect others concentration - pay attention to those who are testing and evaluate them without speaking.


    That about sums it up -- overall a lot of great notes to think about if you are getting ready for YonDan Exam.
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    As someone whose Yondan test is coming up next year, I'd like to say thanks for posting this. Always good to have as much of this kind of feedback as possible.


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      And make sure to sonkyo at the same time !!!


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        Thanks for those notes, it's always good to have a list of details to pay attention to.