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Grading Stress, am I just weak?

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    Believe me Kokoro, I'm as cynical as they come, but I can tell you from experience that the techniques in that book work. It's basically a thesis explaining why experienced athletes choke under pressure and why others thrive, and having read it, it makes complete sense and is as authoritative a mental training system as could be -- Lanny was a multiple olympic gold medallist.

    EDIT: I was given the book by someone in the AUSKF who attempted [a high iaido grade] several times. That was after my first godan failure. Admittedly my ears were shut to the possibility that some book could change me, but that person sung its praises and I promised them I'd read it cover to cover. Glad I did, and the Amazon reviewers are basically in agreement on its effectiveness.
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      I've taken delivery of my 'Performance Journal' now, Michael. Did you use one of these? I think I'll have to re-read the book as some of the instructions aren't explicit, but I've got the gist of things. I think Andy Murray should read and inwardly digest this book!


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        First of all, please keep in mind that, as far as kendo goes, I'm out of my depth- I'll be testing for the very first time (sankyu) at the end of the month.
        However, outside of kendo my work deals regularly with helping my clients deal with stress.
        Your post-test reaction is not terribly unusual. Do you have any history of anxiety attacks? I'd say that somewhere in the back of your mind, you were replaying the idea that your time off from practice would prevent you from passing. The underlying stress (that you may not have noticed building) prior to the shinsa was released, and it's normal to have a "stress hangover" as your body's chemistry returns to it's baseline state (homeostasis.)
        I am still very new to this- our Sensei's policy is to practice for 18 months prior to testing for sankyu, so there's been a bit of buildup for me as well.



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          Originally posted by Kokoro777 View Post
          I've taken delivery of my 'Performance Journal' now, Michael. Did you use one of these?
          Nah. I think the journalling aspect -- while phenomenally powerful as a tool for growth -- is a bit superfluous really. I used to keep notes a few years ago and it worked well for me, but these days I mostly self-reflect through heavy use of mirrors, video and lots of practice while bearing in mind the other things I learned in the book.