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    These forums are pretty much inactive. But I since I've been a member for 10 years, I thought I'd post that I received my YonDan at the beginning of May.
    1st attempt. There were over 20 applicants during the shinsa, 3 passed. Our Dojo had 2 of the passes (myself included).

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      Congratulations! That's a big hurdle, well-done getting over it first try.


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        Very nice! A true testament to the abilities of your instructor as well as your own efforts and desire!

        Well done!


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          Congrats....... What is "yon dan" all about in a few words? Difficult?


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            Gin -- wow, thats a tough question to answer so early into my YonDan.
            At this lowly point - I had in my mind to "attack with my entire being" - but not to attack without purpose and opportunity.
            Make the opportunity - when it there -- all of nothing. Win the point, then strike. Strike with the feet and hara. I tried to apply seme effectively, and to always show a growing Zanshin instead of a falling zanshin after the moment.

            I passed 5/6 judges. I never able to find out who failed me, as I am very accepting of critique and would have loved to find out what, in their eyes, I was still missing.
            I still have to work on a lot.


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              @Thunder: Thanks. I have a checklist which I am alway refining. I am still a few levels down but I am working on things as early as now. Thank you very much for your insights. I appreciate it. "Growing Zanshin"..... that was my hunch.