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  • Testing in other federation?


    I never had a chance to travel for promotion exam.. due to heavy schedule.
    So I'm currently NOT a member of AUSKF, nor any regional federation yet.
    I accidentally saw the application form of a promotion exam in OTHER federation than my dojo is part of.. but the exam date and time works for me.. for the first time.

    My question:
    1. If I get a rank in OTHER federation than my dojo is part of, would that rank be acknowledged later when I take promotion exam within my federation?
    2. In order for me to take the promotion exam within the OTHER regional federation (I am not member of any kendo federation yet), should I be a member of that specific regional federation? Or, can I take promotional exam within ANY regional federation if I am a member of AUSKF?

    Thank you

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    If you are talking about taking an exam in another regional federation in the US, that is no problem at all as far as I understand it. You should join your own regional federation first. Ranks awarded in any regional federation are recognized not only in other federations but around the world in any FIK-affiliated national federation (FIK is the international kendo federation). Similarly, ranks awarded in another FIK national federation are recognized in the US. There may be some fee to register a foreign rank in the US, we have one in Canada.

    If you are talking about the upcoming exams in Canada, either in Vancouver or Toronto. I can speak with some authority, because I'm in charge of this stuff in Canada. You need to belong to a federation, we won't let just anybody test. If you are practising in the US, you need to belong to AUSKF and then apply to us as an AUSKF member. That means you need to first join your regional federation which makes you an AUSKF member, then get permission from AUSKF to test in Canada, which is routine but will cost you $50 and take about a month. You might be able to expedite it if you get on it right away.

    The application process for foreign candidates in Canada is detailed here:


    Neil Gendzwill
    CKF Secretary/VP West
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      Even though this is an old post I'd thought I'd update some info for AUSKF members as it seems the OP was from US dojo. As Gendzwill sensei said you must be a member of a regional and national federation in the US (for example, in my case I am a member of my regional federation the southeastern US kendo federation (SEUSKF) as well as the national org which is the AUSKF, and of course my local dojo). Typically this means you will be a member of an federation recognized dojo of course.

      Now, each regional organization may have some rules that apply to their members that may not apply to members of other regional federations (for example the SEUSKF has rules regarding testing for yondon that not all region feds have in that we require certification of shinpan training and experience, we also don't allow testing if membership dues haven't been processed at least one month prior to the shinsa). So be aware of your local regional federations rules as well as the AUSKF rules.
      To test in your own region typically you only need permission from your sensei.

      Now if you are testing in another regional federation within the US you will need to approval of your regional federation's president. So don't put off getting your application materials together until the last minute.


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        I think my regional federation (SCKF) requires membership in the prior calendar year to be eligible for shinsa. Hopefully you got your regional and AUSKF federation membership squared away for this year (2016) in case you are in a similar situation.