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    For those of you that are interested, here is an approximate breakdown of the CKF Central Grading results held 04 Dec 05 in Toronto:

    1st Kyu 84/92
    1st Dan 51/55
    2nd Dan 12/12
    3rd Dan 5/6
    4th Dan 3/5
    5th Dan 2/5
    6th Dan 0/2

    Note that the passing number is correct but the total number may be off a couple for 1st Kyu and 1st Dan as thare were no application lists and it was difficult to determine who was a no show.

    Congratulations to all those who were successful in their challenge!

    One other interesting positive point, this was the first time that I have seen anybody called back to “redo” Kata. There were several pairs that had to redo their kata at different levels.


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    Hey Navyguy. Thanks for posting those (I'm one of those 84 out of 92!!!). With the mob of people, I didn't really have time to see how the rest of the gradings went. A member of my club was one of the ikkyu hopefuls who had to redo their katta. He had to do sanbonme THREE times! But he passed, so it was all good.


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      congratulation to Leo (ikkyu), Hosung (shodan) and Rachel (shodan)!!
      from my club!



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        You might have better info, but I heard that everyone who tested for shodan passed, so those numbers missing must have been no shows. I was in the shodan category and there was no one there with a number on their tare higher than 51 as I recall.


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          MetalCrusade, you certainly could be right, but I dont think there was 100% pass on the shodan. However, with all legalize applied, this is not an official result just my simple attempts at trying to provide a perspective of the days activities. Thanks for adding your observations.

          For the exception of the 1st kyu (about the same) 1st dan (larger), last years numbers were about double this years for the numbers as far as people attempting. So I suspect next years will likely be large again.

          Again, the notable thing was this year the emphasis placed on the kata portion. When several of the 1st Kyus got called back into the dojo to redo the kata, you could physically see the stress level of the 1st dans that were waiting raise. I felt sorry for those people, however in the same breath I was glad that the kata was just not a formality like it has appeared in the past, whether that is an accurate perception or not.



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            Congratulations to all that presented with a special hurra to Paul Eric (sandan), Franois (shodan) and Chris (ikyu) from our club who passed.

            Thanks for the summary,


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              Congrats congrats! =]