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    Does anyone know any primary sources on Kendo, Kenjutsu, or other Japanese martial arts besides the Book of Five Rings and Takuan's works that are translated into English? If not specifically about martial arts then about Samurai in general besides the Hagakure or anything else written in the Edo period? I have read part of the Heike Monogatari, but I would love to read other sources about early samurai. I thought I would put this out there because many of the secondary works I have read cite Japanese language versions which I sadly can't read yet. I thank you for your time in reading and possibly replying to this post.

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    Wow, sheesh. There are a ton. Have you started with the basic Kendo texts like "This Is Kendo", "Kendo: The Definitive Guide", etc? That's a good place to begin.


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      Scott, I actually think that Athena is looking for translated works from "The Olde Days", as in: from the times when kenjutsu and kendo were originally concocted.


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        Ah, got it. I'm not so switched on when it comes to ye olde tomes.

        You know, Tesshu's works are pretty frickin' great though. She should get those.


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          The Tao Te Ching, has influenced just as many aspects of Japanese culture as the Analects of Confucius, though these two books don't directly concern swordsmanship, as their main concern is each and every aspect of life.
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