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The origin of the sword and sword arts

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  • The origin of the sword and sword arts

    Hi all I just wanted to translate an artical by Ski Journal hope you enjoy it and tell me if there are any simple mistakes ie spelling of names etc.


    Understanding the progression of Kendo

    The origin of the sword and sword arts

    Metal swords dating from the B.C era have been excavated, although the swords that came over from the continent were not used as weapons, but most likely to symbolise the power held by the person who possessed them. Or because of its bright colour it is said that long bows or sling shots were more widely used in tribal battles and hunting. However in the Nihon shoki (Ancient records) the phrase battling with swords was used and with the repeating battle to unify the country the sword came into use. Incidentally by the time of the 7th and 8th century swords were being produced in Japan.
    By the time the Samurai classes came into being in the Heian era the curved Nihon-to with Shinogi had come into being. In the The Tale of the Heike techniques such as cross and dragonfly were mentioned. And by the feudal society of the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, Kenjutsu and sword training became highly developed. Although on the battlefield not the standard Nihon-to but the over 5 shaku (151.5cm) long sword and Yari were the standard weapons. Then in the Waring states period the so called 3 main styles, the first Iizasa Choisai Ienaos Tenshin Shoden Shinto-ryu and Tsukahara bokuden takamotos Bokuden-ryu, Kami izumi isenokami hidetsunes Shinkage-ryu styles could be seen.
    At this time fencing was intended to be used on the battle field so armour was worn. Although with the development of different fencing styles when doing combat training in the Dojyo the use of live blades or blunted blades and standing 1 shaku (about 30cm) or 2 shaku apart so not it hit your opponent and wearing not armor type of form or Kata training was developed.

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    Produced by Ski Journal publisher INC.
    Translated by Eric Hewitt
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