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  • Famous Japanese Swords

    I was wondering about Famous swords, coz you see whenever i play tenchu or any sword related game the name "Morumasa" comes out.... is it a real sword???????

    Anyways i wanna know about this Sword and other Swords

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    Do you mean Muramasa?

    If you do, Muramasa swords are swords made by the great swordsmith Muramasa. He is probably one of the three best swordsmiths in Japanese history.


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      Hmmmmm got the spelling wrong. Yes thats the one.
      Isn't there any other swords thats are famous in japan?


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        oddly enough if you go to ebay you can sometimes find names of famous swords and swordsmiths.


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          Try Nihonto Antiques.

          They have a very good area that describes the various swords. Of course, you're not obligated to buy anything.


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            I'm one word " lazy"
            Thats me. Come on guys i just wanna know about Good stuff right over here.


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              You can't talk about "muramasa" without "masamune"! The Tokugawa shogunate hated muramasa. It is linked to death.


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                Was (or is) the swordsmith Hattori Hanzo real or he is just fiction?
                I've heard that he made some great swords.


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                  Masamune swords are of higher quality than Muramasa swords(both made in the 1300's). Also worth about three times as much. This book I own doesn't list a Hanzo or Hattori in it, but that doesn't mean he didn't exist.

                  If you could find a sword made by Amakuni or Amafuji then you would be rich. Amakuni is the legendary swordsmith who it is said made the first katana around 700 AD. Amafuji followed about 50 years latter. An Amakuni sword would be of lower quality then a Masamune, but would be worth twice as much.


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                    Originally posted by Kyuuketsuki
                    Was (or is) the swordsmith Hattori Hanzo real or he is just fiction?
                    I've heard that he made some great swords.
                    Oi, Hattori Hanzo was a Iga NINJA!!

                    You've watched too much Kill Bill!!


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                      Hmmmm why is the japanese sword have great quality? what do they use? Is it a secert ?


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                        This site should answer all your questions:


                        I hope you enjoy it!

                        cheers Michael


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                          Kill bill is fictional but there is a real Hattori Hanzo. But he lived in the late 1500's

                          He was a ninja leader who commanded a 200-man unit of Iga men.

                          He was also also known as Masanari and as Masashige and had the nickname "devil hanzo", he was born a vassal of the Matsudaira (later Tokugawa) clan.

                          Apparently the Hanzo-mon subway line in Tokyo is named after him.

                          He never had anything to do with swordsmithing.


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                            hey this is my first post ever!


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                              I thought Muramasa's swords were made after 1500??