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Where did this come from?

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  • Where did this come from?

    I was recently given a gift of a men, dou, kote, and tare. They are antique but I have no idea what their origin might be, where they came from, and how old it may be. I'm not sure if it was made in Japan or China, despite having Japanese scrip on the inside of the Dou. Is there anyone who can help me discern it's age and origins? Also I'm new to the site and can't seem to upload images from my mobile. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Elle

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    when you post, there's a camera icon at the top left of the message window. images need to be on the smaller side.


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      It would be interesting to see, but I assume like real yoroi it might just be another dude's armor and no real significance at all other than sentimental. What happens to the nice gear that dead high ranking people owned. maybe someone should will me their same doh?