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Kendo - Meiji Period

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  • Kendo - Meiji Period

    Hi All,

    I've been practicing Kendo for around 5 years now and also collect antique Japanese photographs from the Meiji period. I've added a few interesting photos of Kendo to my collection over the years and wanted to share a few of them here for those that may be interested.

    Unfortunately the forum won't let me attach images over 20kb and when I resized them to thumbnail size to attach I get an invalid file error. So not sure what's going on there.

    You can view a few of the photos on my website - though I'd prefer to post them here as I haven't uploaded them all yet. Any way around this?



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    Figured it out! Here are a few from the collection. The stances are wider and I wonder if we'll ever see an arm bar reintroduced


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      Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I think I'll save them to use as examples.


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        I've seen pinning someone's head down with a shinai in police kendo... only once and not for scoring purposes. It's done in a way that the force is on the mengane so there's no danger to the receiver.

        Do note that these photos were staged and often exaggerated poses for drama.


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          Two more interesting prints from the 1880s which show similar grappling to the photo above as well as shinai vs. kama !