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Nakayama Hakudo sensei & IMAF

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  • Nakayama Hakudo sensei & IMAF

    I readed in the IMAF (International Martial Arts Fed. aka Kokusai Budoin) website that the founding members are include Nakayama Hakudo sensei.

    Nakayama Hakudo sensei is one of the greatest kendoka. He is very well respect in AJKF(All Japan Kendo fed). but I never heard that he support the other organization.

    Anyone have information on this?

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    I've seen this as well. I don't have any specific information on these people, but you'll notice that it only became kokusai budokai in 1958, and kokusai budoin in 1965. I believe that Nakayama died in 1958, so it's more than likely that he never participated in it as an international organization. It says that the organization was founded under its original name, the National Japanese Health Organization, in January 1952. This makes Nakayama's participation seem quite likely, since, if I remember correctly, the ZNKR was also formed in 1952, and with this other organization having been formed in January, the ZNKR probably didn't yet exist when this National Japanese Health Organization came into being. Whatever the case, it seems that he was only involved in domestic activities.


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      If you're doing kendo, you should be joining a member/affiliate of the IKF, any other organisation will only mean trouble for you further down the line.

      As with Nakayama, the famous people they talk about are mostly long dead(?), so they're being a bit disingenious in listing them as being associated with them when they probably joined a federation that at the time had no idea of ever becoming an international federation.