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  • Noma dojo?

    Alot of people who come to Japan seem to try to visit Noma dojo. I didn't know any thing about it till I listened to some people her and some other people here in Japan.

    I recently purchased a book by Noma Seiji's son. Two famous kendo sensei at the time. Nakayama who helped to invent the kendo kata and Goro seisei said Noma sensei's son was the strongest kendo player at the time but he never took over the Noma school? This left the great Mochida sensei.

    Does any one know what happened to Noma Hisashi 野間恒.

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    Originally posted by Musha
    Does any one know what happened to Noma Hisashi 野間恒.
    There exists a book called "The Kendo Reader" by Noma Hisashi and you can find it as a PDF on the internet. He died at the early age of 29.


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      Hit me up if you'd like to go there.


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        Oh so I must have found the original version of his book. Its sad he died because I really think he would have be level or succeeded Mochida sensei and been a very big influence on modern kendo.

        I really recommend his book as a very valuable piece of kendo work for any one interested in the feeling needed in kendo that seems to be hard for a lot to comprehend.

        P.S hope your wearing armor if you really want me to hit you king