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    Originally posted by Kenzan View Post
    Projectors you say?

    I like idea of using tech at a Shiai, but I just can't help but envision something that will resemble a Bowling-League overhead.


    I can understand the "strikes", but do we or can we "spare" an opponent? And how do we convert the 7-10 split?



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      Converting the 7-10 split:

      Sorry couldn't resist.


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        Have been using excel for may year...maybe time to move on??

        Please send updates and let us know if you need any "beta-testers".

        Any planes on making it web based?

        Originally posted by kendokamax View Post
        Hi everyone,

        This semester I have a class that does synthesis of the whole degree, where we need to make the developement of a software using the a "full" engineering process.

        I decided to work on a software for managing tournaments :
        -Creation of tournament tree.
        -Managing tournament (entering results).

        However before doing anything I need to document myself to the needs of people so I came up with a little questionaire for people who have experience with kendo tournament organisation (any kind). So I want to know how you do it now!

        So here we go -------
        1. Name of the tournament:
        2. Tournament location :
        3. Tournament date (about):
        4. Description of tournament (local championship, national championship, selection..):
        5. Tournament format (simple elimination,round robin, selection...):
        6. Divisions of tournament(team, women..):
        7. Number of participants:
        8. Method of registration of participants:
        9. Number of days between
        10. registration limit and tournament:
        11. Method of creation of tournament tree
        12. (if software, please specify):
        13. Method of creation of panflet for tournament
        14. (if software, please specify):
        15. Method of entering results for tournament (live)
        16. (if software, please specify):
        17. Method for publishing results for tournament (net, email ):
        18. Other comments :

        Thanks guys! There might be some question I did not think of, but I think that covers it well for now.

        Maxime Cardinal
        McGill Kendo Club


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          Originally posted by hen-san View Post
          Have been using excel for may year...maybe time to move on??

          Please send updates and let us know if you need any "beta-testers".

          Any planes on making it web based?
          Man, it shows who you work for, beta is the magic word over there


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            Originally posted by JCM View Post
            Man, it shows who you work for, beta is the magic word over there
            Want a better job?

            We're hiring....


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              Originally posted by kendokamax View Post
              By the way anyone knows how they do it for the European Championship. I know it was in Finland this year, so if anyone would have the adress of the people or club that was organizing it, it would be nice to have.

              European championships 2008 was organized by European Kendo Federation and Finnish Kendo Association. I was one member of Championships IT-team and here something I know and my ideas for this kind of application.

              Each country made own registration to competion via web appilication. That was implemented using LAMP. (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). That application generates participantlists for different drawing application. Drawing application allready exists, so we did not implemented that. Drawing application was implemented using common swiss-knife tool, Excel. Also result papers was produced using Excel. That drawing application has been used several European Championships and comes from Italian Kendo Federation. Information screens at competition area was implement using Adeobe Flash.

              Even everything runs quite smoothly, specially officer tables were quite busy during competition keep tracking matches, results etc. We have four shiaijo's and lot of competitors and limited time. For time saving it is reasonable to change some matching from one shiaijo to another.

              My ultimate idea in the Perfect World for this kind of application would be something which covers whole process beginning planning competition, competition series, number of shiajo's, shimpans etc, walking thru registration and managing matching, tracking results and finally publising result.

              Of course, It is not reasonable implement one big application for whole process but number of modules taking care of own area using nice interfaces for commucation to each others.

              If anyone likes to start and lead this kind Open Source-project, I like to contribute that project somehow.


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                I am wondering how you move on with your asignment.
                I think we all are very curious on your improvements


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                  There are some tournament management software programs built specifically to support fencing (as in, foil, epee and sabre) tournaments. One is called Fencing Time. Another is called XSeed.

                  These organize pools of fencers and use the results of the pools to seed direct elimination (single elimination) and/or repachage (double-elimination) trees.

                  I am not suggesting these are transferable to your purpose, but may provide insight into a couple of approaches. Seek out a local fencing club and odds are there is someone who regularly runs these on computer at local tournaments. I am in Texas and it has been at least five years since I attended a tournament that was NOT run on one software package or another.
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                    I know this topic is 7 years old, but still interested in the theme? Have you coded something?

                    On my side, I created a new online system, you can try it if interested :

                    You can also just try it here:

                    Be Kind, it is a work in progress, any feedback will be welcome!

                    Kenzone is a responsive kendo tournaments system. Register the competitors, generate documentation, and begin to score live with your tablet